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  1. Hello all! We have run into some budget issues, and have had to release our wonderful photographer, Michelle Turner. We paid a deposit of $1500 ,which we are hoping to get back, provided she can re-book our wedding date of Nov. 15. If anyone is looking for a great photographer, please keep her in mind. This is her website: Michelle Turner Photography - Maine and Destination Wedding Photography Let us know if you book her for Nov. 15. We are hoping to get our deposit back. Thanks, all! Happy planning!!
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    Welcome to the forum! There's tons of great info. Just use the search function, or post your issue in your Title to get people's attention.
  3. I never thought I would either. It was just be too weird to be called by a different name. I thought my FI would be cool with it, but his feelings were hurt. Once I asked him how he would feel to have a different name, he understood. I would be fine with using his name socially, like with our future kids' friends or holiday cards, the "The XXX family". But, legally change it? No, I just can't do it.
  4. Hi all! My WC at my hotel says she works with EM-Vallarta. I'm wondering if anyone has used them before? They would be setting up my reception, but I'm wondering whether or not to use them for my ceremony, which won't be at the hotel. Any info would be great!
  5. Thanks! This is so useful. I'm definitely going to use this list.
  6. Thanks for the advice on the taco place! Definitely checking that out!!
  7. Hi girls! I've had friends use trolleys to go from their church to the reception. I'm thinking of having a beach ceremony in Conchas Chinas, and would need to get the guests back to the hotel in the Hotel Zone. Any great ideas? I don't know if there are trolleys in PV? I've never seen any.
  8. I'm so excited that we finally set the date....November 15! Now, the fun of planning really begins, right? I'm planning to have the reception at the Villa Premiere. We really liked the small, boutiquey style of the hotel. If anyone has done a reception for around 60 people and can share pics...please do!! I'm not sure where to do the ceremony. I'm blown away by some of the beach wedding pics I've seen on the Conchas Chinas beach. Any suggestions appreciated!
  9. OMG!!! You look so beautiful, and that ceremony was just gorgeous. I am going to look into hiring your photographers. What a great job! One question---I recognize some of the songs in your slideshow...Mana...Gipsy Kings...but who sings the one "you're my best friend..."? I love it! Thanks! Bethany
  10. We did the canopy tour with Vallarta Adventures and loved it! We also did a sail/snorkel trip, but I can't remember with which company. It was our favorite day! Highly recommend!! Also, Las Palapas is a great beach restaurant to send people. I'm recommending it to my guests. Best of luck!!!
  11. HOORAY!! That's so exciting! I can't wait to buy my tickets. I haven't even gone dress shopping yet!!
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