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  1. Welcome!! Have you picked a destinatio for your wedding yet?
  2. I usually go everyday, but not tonight. I feel like crap and need my rest.
  3. yeah, the more I think about it, I dont think I will put the registry on the save the dates. What about the wedding shower invites? is that appropriate?
  4. Thank you all so much for your input. I guess I have a little more researching to do.
  5. Really? Who is your planner? or where can I find info for 2wedding coordinators in St. Thomas / St. Croix?? My firend got married in St. Lucia about 3 years ago. she said the cost of her planner was around $200.00. I think that is unbelievable cheap, they took care of eveything. I dont want to spend alot of maney on the wedding as we are saving for a house right now. So, I am looking for a resonable priced planner.
  6. I dont want to go to a place where there are alot of little kids running around, I just want to relax, lay on the beach, snorkel. I would love to go on a island tour or somethign like that. I was thinking Sandals, but that is couples only and I want my family to stay at the same resort we are at. atleast for a few days. we will need our alone time.
  7. I havent sent them out yet, but I think I will put my registies on my Save the dates. I feel awkward as well, I dont want people to think that they have to get me a gift, but if they are going to anyway, shouldnt it be something you can use or that you want??
  8. Hi, I am planning on going to St. thomas in the USVI for my D/W. Has anyone been there or can anyone suggest somewhere good to stay? Places to go? Things to do? I am looking at the Wyndham Sugar Bay resort. We want to stay somewhre all inclusive.
  9. Thanks for the info. I guess I will have to sit down with the travel agent and get the hotel info and deposit info.
  10. I am located right over the bridge from South Philly. Nothing really planned yet. We went to Liberty Travel to talk to a t/a but we really didnt have any idea what we wanted or where we were going, we brought some books home and heard through some friends that St. Thomas was beautiful. so, we decided on that location. I think we are going to go back to the t/a in March or April 08' and really look at our choices. Maybe you can help with this... For save the date cards, I know that I want to send them out like a year in advance so it gives people plenty of time to save and plan for our destination wedding. But, I know that not everyone will be able to make it to the island. What could I put on the save the dates in order to get an estimate of how many people are interested in going? We are also having a reception/after party when we return and I want to invite everyone to come to that. My problem is I dont want to send out invitations to everyone with all the travel information when not everyone will be going to the island. I may be repeating myself here. Any ideas on invitation or save the date wording? I guess I could also put the Travel agents contact information on the save the dates, and they can go straight to her.
  11. Hello, I hope this website will help me in planning my destination wedding. My fianc'e and I were engaged in September and are planning a destination wedding in St. Thomas, USVI.
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