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  1. we love our video. i could not believe how well it was put together! they also used the music from our wedding, including the song we had our first dance to, with out us even asking! it was a little cheesy, i.e. slow motion kissing, etc. but it was much better than we thought! Quote: Originally Posted by kristi Can anyone tell me what the video is like in the ultimate package? Or should we hire someone else? Just wondering if it's anything special or just a plain old video...thanks
  2. Here is my opinion for your questions: I have a list of questions that I was hoping you girls could help me with... I've been thinking about where to have the sit down meal and the music/dancing. Could you girls share what you did/are doing. 1. I think I would like to have the eavening meal on the garden area but I was worried about the weather if its raining or windy ect... Also if it is dark, do they supply some sort of lighting ?? we had our reception in the garden, it is right on the water, and pretty well lit. the wind was blocked in that area by the tower. if you would like some pictures, you can email me at knorris1978@yahoo.com, and i can send you some "crowd" shots we have. 2. Then theres the dancing area... I don't really want to have to pay for the dance floor but I will if it makes a big difference, I was wondering about moving to the terrace area after the meal for the music and dancing ? Do you think this would be a good area for this, there will be around 30 guests ? i would def. suggest the dance floor because it is in grass, so if people have heels on, they will be digging in to the ground. 3. Is there a bar near by ? Also do you know if they use the bows from the ceromony chairs for the reception chairs ? there is the lobby bar inside, but they also will have one set up for you. request roger as your bartender, he is AWESOME. i dont think we had bows on our chairs for the reception. 4. What did you / are you doing about music ? I've read some posts that most of you are using an IPOD, do you hook this up to their sound system ? If so is there a charge ? i used the DJ, but def. think we could have just used an IPOD, not sure about the charge.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Carolena7 Jodey...I was also told by our TA that we wouldn't pay anything until we got down to Cancun and now I have Claudia emailing me telling me I need to send her money which I'm not totally comfortable with so we are contacting our TA to ask why we have to send her the money when we are going to be down there in 4 weeks anyway. Claudia sent me an email with ways to send her money and she doesn't even have a paypal account set up or anything she wants me to send her my credit card information...which like I said I'm not comfortable with, anyone could get ahold of that information that way, it's just not a very secure way of doing it. I'll get back to you with what else I find out. Let me know if you find out anything else as well. hi girls. we had to pay 50% before we got down there to secure everything. my dad sent a money order tothem. i guess it is pretty secure, but you never know. my dad was very nervous to do this, but it worked out ok. we used a travel agent, but not for the wedding portion, only for travel/hotel. hope that helps!
  4. wow. that is crazy. i will tell you this, you are able to plan a wedding in 2 months. it is possible! feel free to email me knorris1978@yahoo.com with any questions you have. i juust got married there in january. GOOD LUCK! Quote: Originally Posted by jhof Hello Brides. Brace yourself for this: I have had my wedding planned for the past 9 months for the date of April 7, 2008 at the Iberostar Tucan and 2 weeks ago for various serious reason chose to cancel at the resort and change everything....PURE PANIC!!! I have been on my computer non-stop for the past week reading and re-reading these forums. THANK GOD I stumbled upon this website. I have been relatively silent and still very much in the dark on how to effectively use this forum. I have seen (or read) weddings planned and brides return from their honeymoons to their new married lives. I feel like I have a secret life and new friends that don't even know I am here And I have certainly learned all sorts of new abbreviations...lol. My FI thinks I am addicted. I have been back and forth between Dreams and the Paradisus RM. It sounds like Dreams is nearly unbeatable for a wedding. My only hesitation is that I was trying to avoid the hustle and Americanized bustle of Cancun. But, you gals have me pretty much talked into Dreams. Lucky for me April 6, 2008 is available and it looks like this will be my new date. Maybe this has all been a blessing in disguise...very disguised. Now I just hope I can do all the planning and details in 2 months. It sounds almost impossible, but please wish me luck. I have learned an enormous amount and so appreciate you all sharing your stories and photos. I hope to return the favor. Sorry for the long post, but I needed to get this introduction out of the way... Shout out to PDXlove. I am a PDX gal too. Not enough points to open much of the recent pricing and flower info that has been posted- Nor can I send PM Would TiffJT mind sending info to jeannehofbauer at hotmail dot com? Just a couple of questions for past brides and site visitors: Is the beach nice at Dreams? It looks nice, but TA said it is rocky. Happy with the rooms? Is the staff friendly- I know Claudia and Daniella are, but what about the rest of the employees? Recent poster who is having fireworks- that is so great. How are you doing this? Thanks agian to all and I sincerely hope that I can finalize my date and you will all be seeing a lot more of me.
  5. our reception was from 6-9, but it didnt end until 9:30. after that we all went to the lobby bar and took it over. not the tower lobby, the other lobby. the tower lobby is attached to wear the terrace is. it was fun, and nobody in our party wanted to go anywhere else. (we also had around 100 people). hope that helps! Quote: Originally Posted by PaulaV My reception is from 5:30 - 9pm. I know my friends will want to continue to party and feel kinda strange saying we will continue at one of the hotel bars and then go to Azucar (since they are open late). Claudia has told me in the past it is $10 (+ tax and tip) per person per hour to continue partying there. Did anyone just stay put in the Tower lobby bar area? I am asuming that is close to the Tower terrace? I don't want to make the ackward transition outta there. The $1000 extra also hurts a bit for 2 more hours there. Any advice?
  6. i was able to get a copy of some of the ceremony. what she said was really pretty and nice. not sure if it will be the same or even the same person. our only problem was that we could not really understand her in the beginning! as the ceremony went on, we were able to understand her better! hope that helps!!!
  7. i had looked at the list and prices and didnt want to pay extra. we never discussed it, they just put them on the tables. yes, there are elevators. and there are only 5 floors. i think the bars close around 1am? i know the bar attached to the resort is open til 4am. we only went once. some of my other guests went in big groups and had fun, when i went, it was only with a few people and it was kind of cheesy :-) we went through apple vacations, so we had transportation. hope this helps!! katy Quote: Originally Posted by rockbride "For the centerpieces questions.... we didnt order anything extra, and they had nice bowls with sand and shells in them." Knorris27~ did you have to ask for the bowls with sand and shells or did they do that for you automatically? Do you know what other free centerpiece options they give you if any? Does the pyramid building have elevators? What times do the bars close? I hear they close early; do all of them? Anyone know the taxi rate back to the airport from Dreams?
  8. we thought the whole blood test thing was a little weird, it was no big deal though. the doctor came to our room the morning after we got there, opened the needles in front of us, and took our blood. they said it is to test for STD's.. the process only took about five minutes. For the centerpieces questions.... we didnt order anything extra, and they had nice bowls with sand and shells in them.
  9. i was wondering if anyone had a hard time changing their name? we did NOT gett married before our wedding in the states, and we wont have our english copy of our paper work for a few months. any suggestions?? guidance
  10. hello, we did not have a small party, we actually had 100 people. the reason i dont think we needed the dj is because a few times people wanted to hear songs, and got their ipods to hook up to hear them! lol. I also agree- that would have been a problem, finding someone to run it... but if you are looking to save money, he wasnt that necessary in my mind... he was, however, open to requests, and played whatever we wanted. i would give him a list of songs you like. that is what i did. there were a few times he played songs that were a little cheesy. haha. my hair too was blowing all over the place...
  11. hello all.... i actually just got married at the dreams on january 5th. it was beautiful, and everything i had imagined it would be! we worked with daniella, and she was awesome. as for the sound system, they do run it, and daniella was cueing them on when to change the songs via walkie talkie. they also had all the music we wanted already, so we didnt have to give her a cd. the sound system is also loud so you can hear everything! we used a dj, and honestly, didnt need to. it was a waste of money. the dance floor, was totally worth it, because we had our reception in the grass. overall everything went well. it was a little windy but nobody cared. :-)
  12. Does anyone know a good place to get mens white short sleeve shirts?? my fiance decided he wants to get a different shirt! thanks!
  13. we used a travel agent and that helped us out so much. she put together different packages for people who wanted to stay 3, 5, and 7 days. that also cut the cost of OUR trip in half! i think 75% of my guests are going through a travel agent, and the rest went through a website. goodluck!
  14. i understand your frustrations. that is one of the difficult parts of getting married out of town. we have 92 guests coming and all are staying at the dreams. we didnt really give anyone another option. i was a little nervous to do this at first but then i decided oh well. if people can make it, they will be there, if not, there isnt really anything you can do about that. having them stay at another resort would also be hard because then you couldnt all see eachother during your whole trip. hope you figure everything out. katy
  15. everything seems to be in order.. i really wish i would have found this website when i started the planning! i have been going into everything blind. now its just down to choosing the food, what i want in my welcome bags, etc. we are having almost 100 people, so it is alot to accomodate!!! i read through most of the info, and emailed some of the other girls my personal questions. thanks for all of your help in advance!! ~katy