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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Very nice!
  2. Elizabeth and her team were FANTASTIC!!! By far the best vendor investment we made for our special day and worth EVERY penny. We love our photos. Great pictures create memories you can enjoy a lifetime! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Elizabeth so feel free to reach out if you have any questions as you're evaluating your own photographers.
  3. Since save the dates are considered to be an "informal" communication, you have flexibility in how you address them. You aren't even required to hand write them like you are supposed to do with your "formal" communications, so we used labels for our STDs.
  4. Hello Ladies, I am sharing one of the gifts I got for my Maid of Honor. I am all into photos so this was the perfect gift for me to give. Its personalized canvas art. The first picture is the photo from the vendor's web-site.The second is the one I actually did for my Maid of Honor. It has a picture that was taken during my bachelorette weekend. You can do this with for a mother/daughter picture or group photo if you have a large bridal party. Since I only had a MoH, I only needed one of the two of us. The web-site Personalized Gifts and Personalized Gift Ideas from Personalization Mall has lots of good ideas for personalized gifts, so I thought I'd pass the web-site along. Cheryl
  5. Looks like a special day and a good time was had by all! Congratulations!!
  6. So nice when you come across a real bargain for something you've been looking for! Looking forward to seeing the pics.
  7. We did both OOT bags and favors. We had 125 guests and 120 of them stayed at our host hotel, but we still opted to do both. We did personalized shot glasses and had them on the tables at the wedding reception. We ordered then through a vendor that our hotel coordinator knew so we didn't have to ship them. We paid $5 a piece. They were delivered to the hotel. We just had to bag them. I used organza bags from Paper Mart Packaging Store.
  8. My contact for the personalized key cards at PLI said you can contact her directly. Let her know Cheryl sent you. Shonia Gibbs Event Sales Rep PLI 605 Sweeten Creek Industrial Park Asheville, NC 28803 Tel: 828-418-8280 Fx: 828-210-4755 sgibbs@plicards.com Also, remember to use my magnet idea and it can become a lasting sovenier that your guests take home and put on the refrigerator. I thought they were WELL worth it. One other way to reduce the cost is to do the photo in black and white. Just another tidbit.
  9. What was nice about ordering them in Cancun is I didn't have to worry about shipping or getting them to Cancun. They delivered them to the hotel. We paid $5 a piece for them. Still awaiting the contact information from the hotel wedding coordinator that had the contact.
  10. The favors were a hit. We picked the colors and only recommend the orange and blue because the personalization didn't show up as well on the yellow one. Still waiting to get the vendor information. My GREAT wedding coordinator at the hotel helped me find these through a local vendor in Cancun.
  11. Ok, so here is the skinny on the Personalized Key Cards. Yes indeed, the personalized key cards were a HUGE hit! We did NOT put stickers on existing key cards, but I guess that is one way you could do it. I actually ordered them from the company that makes key cards for about 90% of the hotels around the world. I DID come up with the magnet idea myself ;-) by using business card magnets that you can buy from Office Depot/Staples. I cut them into small squares and put into change envelopes that I then printed and put labels on the envelopes to instruct people what they were to be used for. Remember, the magnets will decode the programming, so keep them seperate from the keys once they're coded. So here is my big tip...contact PLI (see URL below). They can make them with a picture or they have some generic wedding ones with rings or roses. As you can see, we opted for our own picture and text. The company will work with you to find out if your wedding hotel is one of their clients and then ask you to verify which type of key card system they use. They even sent a sample to the Hyatt in Mexico to test the card, but then we brought them all down with us. PLI - Event Keycards As for the matches, someone asked about traveling with them. I traveled with them in my CHECKED luggage. I was not stopped by customs in Cancun. I also shipped a few boxes via FedEx to the hotel in advance with a lot of the bag items (eg. the candles, programs, etc). It was totally worth it not to have to lug a bunch of stuff.
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    Thanks Kat...that is exactly what I needed to do!
  13. Can someone tell me how to get my picture to show up on my profile. I saved it to the user file, but it doesn't show. Help??
  14. I had my wedding at the Hyatt on May 3rd. I just recently posted a review on Trip Advisor. I will answer your questions in a future post.
  15. Yes, we had them made here based on the hotel specs and brought them with us.