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  1. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! My whole DW for 20 people, plus a reception for 175 people back in the States was $9,000! We didn't skimp at all (alcohol, food, etc)...granted, the reception was in Kansas and I'm sure things there are quite a bit more affordable there than on the coasts : )! LAS CALETAS through Vallarta Adventures was definately the way to go! It's such a unique experience if you don't want to get married in the backyard (or back beach) of a big hotel. Plus, food, open bar, minister, wedding planner, and roundtrip boatride for you and your guests is included in the price! You can check out our wedding pics at the blog here to give you a little insight as to what you'd be in store for (for the money, that is): Myspace.com Blogs - Getting Hitched in Mexico - crystal MySpace Blog
  2. BAREFOOT!!!!! it is on the beach, afterall : ) (unless you're doing it somewhere else, of course!)...then, lovely little flats or sandals for getting around Caletas. It's quite a hike up to the bridal suite and then back down again. If you're one of those people who lives and dies in heels, you'll probably manage fine, though...be careful about snagging heels on the grass mats they have as your runner. For me personally, it was just a little strange to opt for heels for a beach wedding, especially in a setting such as Las Caletas.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Mel Gorgeous...I can't wait until May when I can experience Las Caletas like you and so many other brides have. Did you have the intimate wedding? It wasn't dark on your ride back?! Thanks for sharing We did have the daytime intimate wedding...only 18 of us all together! Thanks everyone for the nice comments!! Can't wait to see more Caletas pics and "re-live" the trip!
  4. My photographer actually was my friend, Morgan Miller, out of Kansas City...we were photo majors together and she has the same shooting style as myself (yes, I am very lucky to have that!), so I knew I could completely trust her with my wedding and not try to be a fellow-photographer-control-freak! Thanks for the lovely comments!
  5. It's been almost a month since our wedding in Las Caletas and I finally got a blog put together of our pics...check it out at the link below (warning, there are quite a few photos on this blog, so you may have to let your computer do its loading-thing for a bit before you can see them all)!!! Myspace.com Blogs - Getting Hitched in Mexico - crystal MySpace Blog Let me know what you think!
  6. Previous Caletas brides...what did you do concerning tips? My intimate wedding package price says that it does not include tips...I asked Nicole, and she said most people usually plan on about 10% for tips, but she didn't tell me WHO I should actually tip and HOW to tip them!?!? Any ideas? What did you do? Am I supposed to tip everyone (people on the boat, minister, Nicole, others)? What did you tip each person and how (cash handed to them? all tips added to final package price?)!! I'm confused about this whole matter, but I most certainly don't want to cheat anyone out of an expected tip! Thanks for any and all help!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by mora I found these for you: Learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico they are teaching spanish but in their page says at the Caffe in the School they offer salsa lessons... you can check At the restaurant la bodeguita del medio have free salsa lessons in certain dates, you can also check with them here is the email from the manager gerenciapvr@gruposon.com, you can ask him if they can offer a light dinner or drinks with the salsa lessons for your group... In the Sheraton, the Playa del Sol, Crown Paradise, Presidente Intercontinental hotels they have free lessons of Salsa, have you checked with your hotel already? HTS Edna Great info! I'll definately check it out!
  8. Oh! I didn't think about towels...the extra dress is a good idea as well!
  9. Hey previous Caletas brides... I'm trying to make up a list of "must-haves" and "do not forgets" for my wedding day. What did you take with you over to Las Caletas on your wedding day? What do you wish you would have taken with you? Any help/ideas appreciated!
  10. ohhhhh...the rewiew of J & B sounds fabulous, however I can't seem to find a website for them or their location! I'll keep digging...
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    Hola!!! Another Crystal, Another Caletas Bride!

    Quote: Originally Posted by TammyB Host the picture using photobucket and post the URL address on the signature line. Great!!! Thanks for the advice!
  12. Anyone know of a place that will give a salsa lesson to about 18 people for a fairly reasonable price? We would prefer somewhere downtown in Old Vallarta or in the Romantic Zone (where we're staying)! Thought this would be a neat activity for them!
  13. photograbock5

    New Caletas Bride!

    Quote: Originally Posted by akh hey there! how is your planning coming - need any help? Yes! If you all can quickly pack up and hop on a flight to Kansas City, I will be waiting with assignments in hand, ha!!! Things are coming along...Niclole has been such a help to me!!! Right now, I'm just trying to make sure everyone gets there and has a good time!! Working on welcome baskets/letters/things to do at the moment!
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    Hola!!! Another Crystal, Another Caletas Bride!

    Hey thanks! Wow, I feel so welcomed!! By the way, how can I add a cool "signature" photo like you all have!?!?