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    new to the site

    Paulina, welcome to the forum! We haven't decided on a location for the wedding, but the more I read the more I want to do it in Aruba. I just came back from Aruba a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. The Reinessance is beautiful. I am planning to rent a villa and have a reception there. I love people in Aruba, they are sooo nice and very helpful.
  2. skatusha

    Beach Wedding location unknown

    Welcome , Margaret! I am still working on a date and location for my wedding, so welcome to my club
  3. skatusha

    Ocean Blue Bride

    Welcome to Forum!
  4. skatusha

    Have you ever visited Barbados ?

    annieroy : I can' believe that! I noticed that prices for AI as well as for regular hotels are higher than average in comparison to MCO and DR. The places are really nice and unique though. I will get in touch with a restaurant for one of the local hotels to see what they charge per person. I was thinking Barbados because it is not as popular as other places, so I thought it will be different. Apparently, since weddings are not as common as in MCO and DR the infrastructure is undeveloped. I guess I will have to look into another location.
  5. skatusha

    Island Wedding 2008

    TammyB, first I want to compliment you on your dress. It is gorgeous. When I saw your wedding pictures, I finalized the style for my wedding:) Since I am thinking Labor Day weekend next year, the guests will be staying for 3 days/nights. Day of the arrival with welcoming dinner, wedding day and after wedding day with "thank you" brunch.
  6. skatusha

    Have you ever visited Barbados ?

    Hm...Rum sounds good..Thanks!
  7. skatusha

    Have you ever visited Barbados ?

    Ladies, thank you for your replies. I read about the island as well as available hotels and it sounds really good. It sounds similar to Aruba and I absolutely loooove Aruba. I really like this place Little Arches -. It is not AI but very warm and cosy. What language people speak in Barbados? Can they communicate?
  8. skatusha

    Island Wedding 2008

    I would like to have it over long weekend, so I guess Labor Day will be perfect. I will start calling hotels on Monday to see if they can give me estimate for accomodations. What is the average cost per couple for your wedding? We are planning on paying for accomodations for most of the guests. I am hoping for $ 400-500/couple for 2 nights.
  9. I am considering Barbados for my DW. I checked a couple of nice hotels and loved the idea of small all-inclusive hotels. I was wondering if anyone ever had a chance to visit Barbados. Most of the couples celebrating their wedding in Mexico, DR in Jamaica and too many in Aruba or Barbados. Please let me know if you have any info about Barbados. Thank you.
  10. skatusha

    Island Wedding 2008

    Thanks for your warm welcome. I have read some of the threads here and they gave me a lot of good ideas. Right now I am wondering what should I pick first date or location? Should I ask my closest family and friends about the date before I decide? What were your criteria for the location?
  11. skatusha

    Island Wedding 2008

    Hello, Everyone! I am very excited to be here. I got engaged less than two weeks ago and already trying to decide on location to celebrate our union. I just came back from Aruba last week and I loved it; however, I didn't not see even hotel I would get married in. So, since we are considering summer/fall, the choices of islands are very limited due to hurricanes. I researched Barbados and it looks very good to me and I am very interested to hear if there are any Barbados' brides. I am imagining a small/mid size all-inclusive hotel with beautiful grounds where we are going to have symbolic ceremony. The sunset cruse with cocktails and appetizers for a couple of hours. Reception into the night. Too much to do and to much plan but I will have my dream wedding