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  1. Sol and Matt, Have fun and enjoy your HM to the fullest. You totally deserve it!!! Sergio
  2. Paul, the video is great, what a nice surprise. If I had known that you were going to do this, I would have been nicer to you and smiled at the camera a couple of times Sergio
  3. I love your website Addison! We photographers absolutely love it when our clients setup websites because it gives us a chance to learn more about our dear clients. For destination weddings, we rarely get to meet face to face. So a wedding website is a great way to complete the loop.

    Today is Sol's wedding day!

    It was a HUGE honor to be Sol and Matt's wedding photographer. Here is a slideshow of my favorites: Sol & Matt Pictures on the blog too! Sergio Photographer Blog
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by DreaW .... HOW TO STOP PEOPLE FROM BUGGING YOU ABOUT GETTING MARRIED Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and cackling, telling me, "You're next." They stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals. I almost spilled my milkshake!! :-) Sergio

    hello again

    Welcome again Jen! You rock!
  7. Second shooting with Matt at this wedding was a great experience. Once I get the images, I will post some (with Matt's permission). Sergio


    Hi Leigh!! Thanks for that. I love your passion for the profession and your work is unbelievable!! Your brides are very lucky to have you as their photographer. About that guy that got punched out. I think that the guy that hit him was actually in front of him. I would've loved to know the rest of the story.


    Thanks Akh! I see that Leigh shot your wedding, she is awesome. She is a good friend of mine. Thanks Angie. Thanks Lizz. That wedding with Matt was quite an experience! Thanks PaulaV Thanks Morgan. I heart veils! Thanks Starchild. I am very happy to be here. Amyh, thanks. This is a very cool jungle. Thanks Fannie Thanks Beachbride Elizabeth!!! So good to see you here. You are an amazing photographer. I hope I get a chance to meet you in person one day. Thanks Raeka. It will be my pleasure to post some work. Thanks host. Sol and Matt are wonderful, wonderful people. Sol is the Mexican Queen of wedding photography and together with Matt; they are one of the best wedding photography teams in the world. I look forward to photographing their wedding. It's a little bit nerve wracking, but they are good friends and I know I will feel much better after the first shot. Congratulations on your baby, that graphic is very cute. Thanks Pyrenese. Nobody has ever called my photography mysterious with a sexy tone. I love it!! Thanks. Thanks Lizzy. I am glad to join this forum very much.
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    Thanks for making me feel all cozy and for the comments about my work. I look forward to contribute with my destination wedding experiences. Thanks.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by robindepaula Hi Sergio . . . nice to meet you! I'll have to go check out your blog . . . Robin Hi Robin, thank you. I will check out yours too.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by MikkiStreak We're women and we're brides----- we *really* like to talk!!!!!!! Awesome! Thanks again for all the welcomes. I like to talk to, well... at least on forums :-)
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    wow!! Thanks! Those are quickest welcomes ever in my forum life!!
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    Hello, I am new here. Matt Adcock told me about this site and it was great to find a few other friends of mine. I am a wedding photographer. I don't know what are the rules regarding vendors in this forum I am very passionate about wedding photography and nothing else. Thanks. Sergio Sergio Photographer Sergio Photographer Blog