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  1. Courtney just suggested we see if we could rent a tennis court and arrange a game of street hockey for Brandon's birthday (it's his favourite game), but I'm thinking hockey sticks might be in short supply in Mexico. :-) I think the dinner cruise is a done-deal for the anniversary couple, how 'bout the b-day party? He likes sports - maybe a fishing charter or something? He *is* a little afraid of the water, as befits a prairie boy, but I'm sure we could life jacket him up and get him out without too much trouble.
  2. Buck up, Juan. These girls should see their past-due wedding pictures very soon, and you should, in all fairness and good business, make some attempt at amends. A discount or freebie is not unreasonable.
  3. Great ideas. Our first thought for the anniversary couple was the dinner on the beach ... it does sound like a great idea.
  4. We've got two special events happening during Courtney's wedding week next May - a 25th birthday (our son) and a wedding anniversary (sister). We'd like to do something special for each. Something maybe unique to the area? Something memorable? Does anyone have any ideas? We thought about the candlelit dinner for the anniversary couple (at the Dreams resort), but I've read so many great wedding ideas here, I thought someone might have a great birthday/anniversary idea for me. Anyone? :-)
  5. Ninis_MoH

    In Memory Of...

    Quote: Originally Posted by robindepaula I shot this wedding last year. The brides mother had passed away maybe a year before the wedding. She had me incorporate an image of her mother into one of her bridal portaits. They set this table up with a candle vase that had a transparency photo on the glass with her mom's photo & photos of loved ones that were no longer with them in body. I'm crying like a baby reading these posts.
  6. Leigh, you are amazing. I'm Courtney's mom. Courtney sent me the link to her pictures on your website. I scrolled down the pictures and all I could say was wow. Wow. Wow. I can't believe what an incredible job you've done in capturing Courtney (and Aaron, too!). I'm sitting here right now ... looking at the one of her laughing and I'm actually crying. Leigh, that's the most telling picture I've ever see of her. I just can't put into words how overwhelmed I am. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, then these pictures, Leigh, are worth a million. Thank you so much.
  7. What a great idea! Jonathan, I think what a professional photographer might take out of this equation is the opportunity for the bride to create memories while she puts the album together. From what I've seen from the women on this forum, creativity and wedding smarts abound. I've no doubt that Sarah's album will be absolutely gorgeous. And she'll have the self satisfaction of knowing she created it herself, as will her guests. I think it's an incredibly beautiful and thoughtful idea. It's relatively easy to plunk down several thousand dollars for a pro to do the work; it's so meaningful to take the time and effort to put it together yourself. Cheers, d.
  8. Courtney, did you see the flip flop key chains? I know, I know. If it's shiny, I'm a sucker for it.
  9. This is the first time I've read Courtney's engagement story and I have a couple of things to add. First of all, I'm Courtney's mom and also her Matron of Honour. Secondly, her dad and I actually didn't realize Courtney met Aaron online before the paintball tournament. I'd be second-guessing my parenting skills right now, except that she really is a dear person. We must have been doing something right, even if we were a little slack on the Internet parental controls. Lastly, Courtney may not have known about Aaron's intent to propose until shortly after their committment argument, but we did. Many weeks before he proposed to Courtney, Aaron came to us and told us he was planning to propose. It was a very old-fashioned and touching moment - he asked for permission to marry Courtney. Of course, we couldn't have been happier. They make a great couple.
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    Mother of the Bride

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Courtney has been talking about this forum and its useful information for months - I'm glad to be reading it firsthand. I must say though, with all the tips on the board, I'm glad we have a year and a half to get everything done. :-) Lizzy, nice to see another mom on the boards, too. Cheers, d.
  11. Ninis_MoH

    Mother of the Bride

    Hello. Just stepping in to introduce myself. I'm Dee, Nini_Bride's mom and matron of honour. Lots of really great and helpful information here. I think I'm nearly as excited as my daughter. :-)