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    Anyone use Hawaiiwedding.com Inc?

    Aloha, I am a wedding photographer on the Big Island. There are so many public beaches you can get married on, including the Four Seasons. Every resort has to have public access to the beaches by law. There are some great wedding coordinators on the island, personal one on one that can tell locations, etc. Depending on how large your wedding is, a lot of it can even be done by yourself. A 50% deposit is fairly common. I know for my photography services I have a 30% deposit. Best, Bob
  2. eyeexpression

    Dazzling Details...

    Aloha, As a photographer she was wonderful to work. Professional and easy to work wtih. Bob
  3. ALoha, Here are the photos from the wedding we shot in PV. http://www.eyeexpression.com/slidesh...ndjessica.html Be patient as it loads. Thanks, Bob
  4. Aloha, I would be happy to post a few quick pics, and once the wedding is finished, hopefully this week, I will post a link to their online slideshow. Bob
  5. Here are a few pics of the big church in PV. Guadalupe church is the name I believe. I did not see many other churches right in PV. Bob
  6. ALoha Amy, PV was wonderful. My wife and I just got back a week ago after shooting a wedding. The wedding was at the big church in town and the reception was at Dreams. The parents of the bride and groom put us up for two nights at Dreams and it was great. Make sure you ask for rooms in the newer section of the resort. Big difference, we saw both while photographing the bride and the groom. Rehearsal dinner. There are so many fun resteraunts in town. We had ours at a place called Tequila right on the boardwalk. I imagine it was around 30-50 each person. When you visit there are tons of great places to eat. In talking to a local wedding planner it seemed that photographers are much more than $1000.00 I think $3000 to $5000 is more reasonable. ANy more questions about PV or Dreams let me know. Bob
  7. eyeexpression

    The Big Island resort/hotels: the good & Bad!

    I shoot weddings on the Big Island on the Kona Coast. My favorite resort is the Orchid, pricey but so classy and beautiful. Don't get me wrong, there are so many others, but the Orchid has something special about it.