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Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe - Renee & Alex

Renee and Alex made a fantastic choice when choosing to be married at the beach of the Barcelo Maya Palace. If you're looking for privacy on the beach, this is the perfect ceremony location. This chunk of the beach is off to the side and cut off from the rest of the hotel guests by alot of palm trees. There aren't alot of people walking down in this area of the resort as there isn't much past on the other side of it. Plus, only palace guests can access this part of the resort, which cuts down traffic alot as well. The regular Spa at the Barcelo had some water damage a while back and it is still under renovations. It's been closed for about 6 months now, and unfortunately, I didn't see any actual signs of work being done. I'm also including pics of their TTD, which was shot in Playa Del Carmen, in a local residential area. Yes Mom... it's safe. Anyway, thanks Renee and Alex for an awesome day.

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