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Wedding Albums. What Is The Big Deal About Them Anyways?











We all wish to have a something that makes us relive the excitement of one of the most important days of our lives, something that lasts long enough to show our grandchildren.


What better way to have a tangible memory on hands than a unique Luxury Book, stylish and fully personalized. And all that Made in Italy.






Every wedding is unique and has its special moments and highlights, that is why, I always make one-of-a-kind Luxury Book.


"I truly love my job"


Designing such an important Book is a great responsibility, that is why I put all the love and care as if it is for myself.


The Young Book (my personal favorite) comes in a beautiful box, which can be personalized with a choice of texture and available colors. There are hundreds of combinations to make it perfect just for you. Also, inside the lid of the box, we can write a phrase and place one of the most significant photos of that special day.






In case the couple can't decide over the many color combinations, and if they allow me, I present a beautiful combination considering details I see on the wedding photos, I get inspired by bridesmaids' dresses, groom's tie, bridal bouquet, decoration, theme colors, among other details. I usually come up with at least two choices for each the album's exterior design and the box.


When designing the interior of the Luxury Book, I choose one of the most stunning photos of the wedding, and then I continue to display the photos in order just as that day went (getting ready, ceremony, family photos, session with bride and groom, and the party)


In the Young Book, when you open it, the display is lay-flat, allowing a panoramic view (for example, a group photo can be 60x20 cm size), which allows to see perfectly the faces of every single person on the photo.



Most of our costumers love my designs at first sight, and I rarely get asked for a few changes. Of course there have been a few exceptions, but I can say that 80 percent of the times I succeed with the design.


Once the Luxury Book gets the newlyweds' approval, I send it to production to Italy. The album will get home directly from Italy.

My greatest satisfaction, once the wedded couple have already received their wedding album, is to know through them that every dollar they spent was definitely worth it.

The Luxury Book is truly the best wedding back up.



By Ana Ballesteros



©DreamArt Photography 2010 - 2016. All Rights Reserved

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