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Found My Dream Dress!



So, it has been a while since I've made a post! I've been busy with work and school. I feel like I have no free time, which is making wedding planning difficult!! BUT, back in December I found my dream dress and ordered that thing faster than you can even imagine! It was my Christmas present to myself!

Here is the deal, I had been searching months for hours a day and my fiancé was really starting to get annoyed. It was so bad that he 'banned' me from searching for wedding dresses for a month! Oops! Anyway, my dream dress was a lace Inbal Dror with pockets! I couldn't find anything remotely close in bridal stores around here and there was absolutely no way we could afford the real thing! So, I started getting desperate and looking into those sketchy foreign dress sites where they use the designers stock photos instead of their own. After, seeing too many dress 'fails' I told myself I would need to see it before I ordered. I found my dress and the designer had good reviews, but there weren't any reviews on the dress I wanted so I sent them an email asking if I could see a picture of one THEY made. This is the response I received: "we dont have,dear,but it would like the picture". So, like any reasonable person I ran for the hills! It worked out for the best!

I started searching ebay since I knew what to use in the search, now. After a few weeks, MY dress appeared! Not only was it the dress I was going to order, but it was cheaper! Turns out, the lady had changed her mind (for the fourth time!!). So, she was selling the dress that she ordered off one of the sketchy sites! Not only was I able to see the actual dress I was getting, but two out of the four measurements were the same! Yayy for less alterations! It was meant to be and my fiancé is happy that I'm no longer obsessing over a dress and have turned to AHR details! :D


The attached picture is the stock picture of my dress. I don't want to post pictures of myself in it until after the wedding! ;)

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