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  1. I can not believe that we leave a week from tomorrow! So excited! I have been working with Ariana and I have found that if I am not getting an answer fast enough for me, I can call and get an immediate answer, which is nice. She has been super helpful so far and I am hopeful for the whole thing going smoothly! Does anyone know of a great packing list for the resort? I know I will forget something!!
  2. I know this has been discussed before but does anyone have an awesome Chichen Itza tour provider they can recommend? I am hopeful for a small group or private. Not looking to be one of the herds of people arriving at the same time on the busses. Thanks!!
  3. @@victoriasalv No songs for the bridal party to walk to? Do you mind if I ask what your songs were? Just trying to decipher tempo and such. @@lynne1609 Those boxes are adorable!
  4. @@vanessajfelice Thanks again for the booklet! We are getting SUPER excited but I am suddenly overwhelmed by the details that I need to get done. This week my stressors are Groomsmen sandals, my bridal sash and the ceremony music. Does anyone know how many songs we need and how long they should be? I can not seem to find info anywhere on it!! I can't wait until August starts so I can say "next month!!!" when everyone asks about how long I have!!
  5. I would love that!!! It is jaimekraus at gmail.com .....not sure if this message will get blocked if I send it to you formatted the correct way! By the way, I just noticed we will be in Mexico at the same time!!! Our wedding is 5 days before yours!
  6. @@kjb0528 Thamara just quoted me last week $220 for the lighting package for Las Olas. I think we are going without it though. Finally ordered invitations! I had a designer design them and now I need to send them off to the printer! Sunday we shop for MOH and BM dresses....yeah!!!
  7. @@vanessajfelice Small world!! We moved from St. Charles to Sycamore about two years ago and work in Schaumburg. I grew up in Dallas and would love to get back there eventually! We are there the 14th-21st, but we are thinking of changing our return date to the 23rd, just need to talk to our TA. We are counting down the days anxiously!! Have you gotten your dress yet?
  8. We also sent our Save the Dates out 10 months in advance. I think people know fairly quickly with a destination wedding if they can make it work and will RSVP and I am hopeful that the invite and early RSVP date will help motivate them to make that decision so that I can know numbers for welcome bags and favors!!
  9. I think by the time we get these invites done it will be end of March before the actually get received so it will be about 5 months out. I found one I loved at Minted, but even with a discount they worked out to be about $7 a piece after all the envelopes and addressing and such and even for our small wedding that is another $350 before postage so I had someone deign one on Etsy with the RSVP card and the Travel Details card and I am going to have them printed. We will go to Michael's and get fancier gold envelopes and vellum and twine or ribbon and make them fancier ourselves. That shoul
  10. @@vanessajfelice Awesome!!! We should definitely meet for a drink!! I see you are from Chicago? Where are you located? @@KeriT21 Thank you!! I hope to get it soon! We are currently working on invitations, so much more expensive than I had anticipated!! We were told that we should mail out our invites no later than 6 months before (so next month) and have a RSVP by deadline of 3 months before, which is June for us. I think I finally found the ones we are doing, now I am just confirming my entree options with Thamara so that I can order the RSVP cards as well.
  11. @@HollyB322 Our wedding is at sunset, followed by the cocktail hour on the pier, so I am assuming it will be 7 by the time our reception begins, so I hadn't considered the heat and wind. Good to think about though.
  12. I have received my documents already, but there was no mention of the cost of add ons in that packet. I guess I should request that. Thamara told me we would be fine without the lighting package as long as we had candles, but now I am anxious.
  13. @@JenniferH114 Did you do any additional lighting or was that all included? I am so confused trying to figure it all out at this point!!
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