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So, I got my dress in the mail yesterday that I was so excited about….


The fuchsia from the bottom of the dress bled on to the crochet top during shipping or while sitting at the warehouse. :( Even if it wasn't ruined I'm not sure that I would've liked it 100% anyway. It has the open back and the pop of color that I want on my dress, but it just isn't IT. Im going to contact the company to see if I can return it even though there were 'no returns' on the dress since the top is ruined and I won't be able to wear it for another occasion.


Has anyone used DHgate.com for their wedding dress? Its kind of sketchy and I've read some reviews on some of the dresses I like, but would like some first had reviews about people's experience with the site.


My other thought is trying to find a cheap vintage dress that has details I like and having a seamstress fix it up for me. My goal is to stay under $200 with alterations though, which would make this option difficult.


Back to the drawing board for my dress!


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