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My First Post: Planning, Family Troubles And Our Dream Wedding



Hello everyone!


Since this is my first post I will give some background about us. We got engaged in April this year while on vacation celebrating our 7 year anniversary! Yayy! We are both recent graduates, so we're broke, but we Love to travel! We decided that a destination wedding was perfect for us because it allowed us to share something we love to do (travel) with our immediate family and our extended family is huge and would be very costly if we had a traditional wedding. So, we decided on 2016 to give us and our families plenty of time to save!


We have always talked about having a destination wedding. So, within weeks of getting engaged I contacted our travel agent to narrow down our destination. At the beginning of June, we sent out a letter to our parents, siblings and best friends to let them know of our plans so they would have 2 years to save. Everyone was thrilled, extremely supportive and said they would be there. Beginning in September, my FI's dad began to complain about the cost of having to travel to Jamaica for our wedding. Since then, he has complained about it almost weekly and tried to convince us to have a wedding here in the States and again in Jamaica so he wouldn't have to pay to go. We have told him that if he doesn't want to go, that it is fine. We will be having a large reception when we return so we can celebrate with everyone. However, nothing has changed and we both dread when we see his number on caller ID because at some point the conversation will turn to the wedding. -_- Now, within the last week, my mother called me to tell me that she doesn't think that she or my step-dad will be able to attend because they just bought a lake house and spent all of their money on that.


Has anyone else had these issues?!?! We are both okay with our families not being there for our wedding, but we are a little bummed about the circumstances. We gave them notice months ago and no one is saving for the trip or is even acting like they care about going. My mother was going on and on about buying a new tv and furniture for her new lake house, but she doesn't want to save to come to our wedding?




So far, we have our date and resort set and have kind of figured out our theme. I love the bohemian beach wedding feel and lots of color! Our main colors are fuchsia, cobalt blue and aqua. I bought a white maxi dress with an open back (one of my dress requirements!) that is dip dyed fuchsia at the bottom! It should be here in the next few days and I'm dying to try it on! *fingers crossed* it will work! I want a bright flower crown and a large bundle of bright flowers for my bouquet. My FI wants to wear a cobalt blue shirt and a bow tie. I think I will let my two best friends pick our their dresses and just give them general color guidelines. I want to make sure they like their dresses and are able to wear them again.



I would love to hear from you all: advice, thoughts, anything! Thanks for reading! :D


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