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Newbie... Only 4 Months Left!



Hi BDW world! I am brand new to the site!


My fiance Brian & I are planning our wedding for May 6, 2014. Our wedding is literally four months from today!!!


I wish I could say that I am right on track with all of our plans, but I am definitely, without a doubt, 150% behind schedule based on every one of the four wedding planning timelines that I have been trying to follow. This is super hard for OCD me to admit, but I am way behind. We got engaged last April and I was convinced that 13 months was way WAY more time than what I needed to plan our dream destination wedding, but between my career beginning as a night shift nicu nurse in my dream hospital, my Dad having a few health issues, my mom & I having opposite work schedules, and attempting to spend as much time as I can with my family & fiance, the wedding planning got put on the back burner. I literally have been dreaming of this day since I was 6, and to be honest, I probably starting planning shortly after that 7th birthday.


Let me just say, my entire life has been about planning. Whether it be planning my wedding, my meals, my work schedule, I was ALWAYS making lists of some sort or another. I get so much pleasure out of making a list and completing the contents on that list. Lately, I have still been listing away, but unfortunately I have been slacking with actually completing this list. So, today I decided to get back to my normal self & PLAN! Yay for crossing things off my list!


In addition to planning our destination wedding, we are also planning our reception back home here in Cape May, New Jersey. To sum it up, we are basically planning two events at once... and literally have only four short months left until our first event! Sheesh... should be a very eventful few months! I am planning on posting on this blog as frequently as I can to help track my planning progress and get myself back on track! Try to check back frequently for updates on my planning! I really appreciate any advice or words of encouragement any previous or current destination brides can give me!


Heres to a roller coaster of a wedding planning ride!




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You can do this. I feel so behind also I do not have a dress and I have six months to go. I try to get on this site for inspiration as much as possible. Good luck

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