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The Vegan Experiment: Day 5 (Sunday, 1/5/2014)



Confession: I am already sick of kale. For breakfast I had a kale and tofu scramble with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms and some toast. It was good and filling, but then for lunch I had some leftover kale salad from Sage and that was when I had a vision of the next 85 days being filled with kale.


Shortly after breakfast Joe stated “I don’t know how much longer I can last.” We decided that the reason for boredom and thoughts of wanting to quit were just due to the fact that we had not been shopping in a while and had thrown out all of our non-vegan food (read: everything delicious) so we had a house without any food. We went to a nearby health food store, then Trader Joe’s, and stocked up on granola, almond milk, chia seeds (for smoothies), tons of quinoa, spinach, tomatoes, apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, more kale (ugh, Joe added this to the cart), tofu, broccoli, brussel sprouts, hummus, pita crackers, carrots, brown rice, black beans, sweet potatoes, mixed greens and a bunch of other things I’m forgetting. Please note we aren’t savages and normally keep most of these items on hand. Because of the craziness of the holidays, having out of town guests, etc., it had just been awhile since we’d had a full fridge and so the first few days we ate out, partly due to laziness. But we fixed that now! Hooray!


When we came back, we got sucked into an episode of Chopped on the Food Network. One of the chefs was a vegan raw food chef, and that’s when I realized it could be worse. We could have chosen a 90 day raw food diet. Just kidding, that would never happen. I’d rather gouge out my eye with a kale chip. (No offense to anyone reading this who follows a raw food diet. You are a wonderful and mystical creature. Like a unicorn, but better.)


That’s it for today. Time to catch up with some Real Housewives, visit Downton Abbey* and hit the hay.


*Unrelated side story: I once had a legitimate argument with my sister over whether or not it was DowntoWn Abbey. She was convinced there was another “w” in there.


Recommended Comments

why is kale somehow super essential to your vegan style diet?


I have followed a vegan diet for a few months, and kale is never in my shopping cart.


Eating clean is amazing, for all aspects.  Cheese no longer entices me, it grosses me out, as well as the thought of drinking milk.  I used to go through a gallon of milk a week and eat cheese with all my meals.  Gross.


Maybe you should actually look into how meat, cheese and other dairy products are made, and realize, how disgusting it is and how good you are doing for your body as well as the planet and other living creatures. 


Coconut oil is a great thing to sautee your veggies in.  Gives it a great taste.  Coconut yogurt is amazing, add peanut butter to it, and some hemp granola.  There are many alternatives, that are extremely good.


I make breakfast scrambles without tofu... spinach, broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil, with refried beans, avocado and salsa verde from trader joes.


Give it a shot, Educate yourself on the filth the dairy industry is, and maybe it will make you think twice about that cheese.


Good luck

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i love that you are doing this!  it will motivate me to try.


I tried a vegan juice cleanse for a week and only made it 2 days :(

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@lydiasusi- Kale isn't essential, it just so happens I've had a lot of it these first few days. Also I was having fun with my writing, exaggerating to make things funnier/more interesting. So I'm approaching these posts with tongue planted firmly in cheek!


I will check out the coconut oil and yogurt though, good tips! If you care to share any recipes, be my guest!


@TammyHost- haha well in your defense juice cleanses are way harder. I tried one too once after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and also only lasted 2 days.

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