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Planning an unplanned wedding

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Planning An Unplanned Wedding

Hello to everyone,   I recently got engaged to my wonderful fiance, and am so excited to finally have found the love of the life. I am French Canadian and my fiance is American, therefore we must apply for a fiance visa. As some of you may know immigrating is an adventure in itself and can be quite nerve racking However it must be done, and in the end it will absolutely be worth it.   The main problem with our journey is that it is impossible to predict how long it will take to go through the whole process, it could be as fast as 4 months, or as long as 9. Once my visa is issued and I move to the USA we have 90 days to get married. I'm sure most of you brides to be can understand this predicament! We will most likely have simple but elegant wedding on the beach in Southwest Florida, and I'm hoping we can do it in the off season, which would be as of April 2015.   In the meantime I am starting to do what I can to plan. First thing on my list is my dress WOOT! I will go shopping in the next few weeks to try some on but I would really like to buy it online, as it is so much cheaper. If any of you have experiences with this your advice is more than welcome. I found one dress I absolutely love from http://www.dhgate.com/store/babyonline Has anyone had experience with them? I have read mixed reviews.   So many decisions to make but so excting!   Best luck to you all!