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  1. Hello, Does anyone have any information or reviews about http://www.weddingdressesmall.co.uk/ Tried on a wedding dress and don't know what the make and model is, but found it on this website. Any info will be appreciated.
  2. Lol Men and their video games they will always be boys!!! I also like the idea of cuff links I was thinking of a way to incorporate him, his daughter and I. just a symbol of us becoming a family.
  3. It's beautiful!!! Wow all this in 3 weeks?!? I will definitely check them out. Now there is only one question @@candle23... Are you saying yes to the dress????
  4. Very rude! If it's the case anyway. But if they went through the trouble of writing that on the card it's probably what they want to do. Very rude!
  5. @@bkprettygirl are you thinking flats, heels, or wedges? It's not as easy as I thought to find a fancy wedge sandal. I'm going shopping in a few weeks to try dresses on the 'bridal street' in Montreal, they have a lot of shoe stores so I will check them out.
  6. Last Christmas we went on a cruise with my then boyfriend now FI's family. They had just lost their mother in November and felt like they had to do something different than be in her house. She was a cruise addict I think she had been on 34 cruises. It was nice, and this year we are doing it again, a 7 day cruise the week of Christmas going to Bahamas, Saint-Thomas and Saint-Martin. Should be fun
  7. First time for both of us. He has a daughter from a previous relationship, I don't have kids yet. His parents were married, divorced and then remarried and so did one of his sisters... So we always joke that even if some day we get a divorce we will most probably get remarried down the line lol! I guess we have a twisted sense of humor... We are truly in love <3
  8. Both gorgeous but I love #1, makes your booty look good. I think the 4th picture is my favorite. Good luck!
  9. @@calgarybride2015 Love it! I wanted to get him something as a thank you for proposing. One of the first gifts I got him when we started dating was a beer mug of the Cleveland Browns with his name etched on it. I ordered from a vendor on Etsy who did an amazing job. I decided we would start a new tradition, for each major event in our lives we would get a mug or glass engraved as a souvenir. We got engaged right before we went to my first baseball game, I just ordered a beer mug of the Cleveland Indians with both our names and the date we got engaged. This is the etsy vendor https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/RmcEtching he's awesome.
  10. @@KAT2015 Wow I just listented to the Ellie Goulding song and it made me cry! So beautiful. I also love that version of Can't help falling in love with you. Great suggestions!
  11. Questiong for girls that used Jasmine. I emailed them on Sunday and still haven't heard anything from them. How long did it take for them to respond?
  12. I want BM to have simple bouquets just a few flowers. I've looked through pictures and in my opinion boutonnieres on dress shirts look odd so if they are not wearing full suits I don't want any (yay some money saved) Even for the groom I'm not sure he will have one. I would really like to find an idea that identifies the BP not sure what yet still need to do some research. As for our Dads the same thing we decide for groomsmen but different maybe something like a Tie bar... not sure. I will ask my mother if she wants a corsage but I doubt she will.
  13. Thank you @@candle23 I did see more of your pictures and they really did a great job. Your second dress is beautiful, hope you are comfy in it. Can't wait to see it!
  14. @@nadiakat17 You could always make your own marriage certificate and sign that in Mexico.
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