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Wedding Planning - Where On Earth Do I Start?

Hey everyone, my name is Jas. I've just recently been engaged and am trying to organize some wedding ideas problem is, I have no idea where to start. I was hoping to get some information from anyone that would have some, all I know right now is that the wedding will be 2016 in the summer. I live in Alberta, Canada (the coldest place on earth I think) My fiancé and I had decided on Mexico, I've been researching and it seems that Cancun Or Playa Del Carmen would be the best from the reviews. He and I have never been to Mexico and no one in my family has ever planned a destination wedding so this all seems like a very daunting task at the moment. We'd need to have 2 separate ceremonies - a traditional Sikh ceremony and a traditional Christian ceremony - and then of course the reception and what have you.   If there's anyone that has any pointers, tips, websites or anything that would help I'd be so appreciative!!   Thanks all for reading!   - Jas



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