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Beach Wedding 2016 :)

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Well here I am 14 years of dating and we've finally made a commitment to a destination wedding!! Woah thought this day would never happen. How does 1 keep it together while trying to pick a resort that is exactly what you want but can't have due to costs?? It's been a week since we said ok let's do this, since then I've been obsessed something I'm not normally like non stop researching and googling and looking at books so much that I can't keep it straight. My wants aren't able to be fulfilled due to costs this is my biggest obstacle is trying to find accommodations that are both exactly what I want and affordable. I have read stories of other brides and look at pics and know that's NOT what I want but yet they loved it, am I being too picky?? I haven't found my perfect spot but I've got hope and that's all at this point.......



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