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  1. Hi there, I am looking for info on reputable vendors for flowers and ect….. Planning a wedding at Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Trip advisor reviews were great i was just hoping to find a recent bride that had a review. I am really leaning towards this resort I am hopeful it will come in budget fingers crossed.
  3. So looks like I'm leaning towards Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus!! Beach looks perfect and the reviews are great so just waiting to get a price quote, Fingers crossed it's in our budget.
  4. Hi there!! I am looking for Brides who have feed back on Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus. I have seen some but they are old reviews I was hoping to find something more current.
  5. So glad I read this I was just waiting back on a quote to book this resort for our wedding. Can you suggest other resorts in Cabo?
  6. Where are you flying from with these prices? These are amazing prices I'd like to know more and how myself can get these prices! Nothing I've been quoted so far has been under $2000 per person per week.
  7. Hi there I'm needing reviews of your resorts beaches. This will help me narrow my choices down I hope.
  8. Sounds lovely Do you have pictures you can share? I'd love to look as I'm still searching for my perfect place.
  9. I have not set on a specific location as of yet, my parents are going to Punta Cana to scope things out for me but I'm still stuck on Cancun and the Mayan.
  10. Well here I am 14 years of dating and we've finally made a commitment to a destination wedding!! Woah thought this day would never happen. How does 1 keep it together while trying to pick a resort that is exactly what you want but can't have due to costs?? It's been a week since we said ok let's do this, since then I've been obsessed something I'm not normally like non stop researching and googling and looking at books so much that I can't keep it straight. My wants aren't able to be fulfilled due to costs this is my biggest obstacle is trying to find accommodations that are both exactly what
  11. I will thank you I live in Olds so close to Calgary do you have a travel agent you used whom was able to help you out?
  12. Hi all!! I'm new here and am needing all the help and advice I can get. I feel like this was supposed to be easier than a traditional wedding but now I'm not so sure. When we decided to go ahead and plan a beach wedding I had all these fabulous ideas and because of costs I feel like everything I wanted isn't going to be possible. I understand compromise but yeesh I feel every detail I'm having to compromise on My dream wedding is on a picturesque beach just before sundown, a lovely spa like resort, with lush grounds and gardens with a fun staff and atmosphere. We are traveling with
  13. I am really wanting the HR too we were quoted $3000/ per person 7 days! Oiy I'd have no guests lol
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