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Chronicle of my wedding plans and ideas and mostly just me rambling on and on

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The Beginning, Narrowing Down Travel Agents And Resorts

Hi Everyone!   So I decided to create a blog chronicling my journey to my destination wedding because I figured why not? So, in no specific order, this blog may be a rambling of my thoughts going in a circle and my inability to make a decision! I got engaged at the end of July 2014 and we are planning an April 2015 wedding in Riviera Maya. At this point, I have spent months looking at resorts and can pretty much tell you anything about any resort in Riviera Maya however I haven't visited them so my thoughts are comprised solely of the research I do online. My major issues actually concern price more than they concern the resort. I don't want my guests to spend more than $1600 a person with flight and airfare for 7 nights, and that's where the problem arises. Some travel agents want to do room blocks and some don't. The issue I have with a room block is that no matter how many quotes I am getting, its hotel only. All my research tells me that flight and hotel will be cheaper together when push comes to shove. Obviously, 2015 air prices aren't out, however I am using the same corresponding week in 2014 and adding about $100 a person for inflation. And again there we go, all the research shows me it will be cheaper. Ugh, so to do a room block or to not? I could care less about all the "extra" amenities that come with a room block. I don't care that the bride and groom get free rooms or the "free" wedding that I might get, I would rather my guests be able to afford to go and not complain the whole way there. Then, I could go the other way, use a Travel Agent but don't do a room block and just have guests book through him/her. The price is the price at the time and that's that. I wonder how many hotel's actually sell out?? So there's my dilemma for the time being. I can't help all the research I do, I wish I was one of those people that just pointed to a resort and said yep that's the one and I don't care how much it costs, but yea I'm not like that at all and need a ton of reassurance and must do research. And when I say research, I mean like crazy research with spreadsheets and ratings and pro's and con's of each resort.   Meanwhile, as much as I love the Dreams riviera Cancun, I am coming to terms that its not going to fit neatly into my $1600 a person price range, so now I am thinking Barcelo Maya Palace deluxe. Some people are suggesting the Now Jade, but I am not liking the fact that the beach is rocky and the reviews are meh. Reviews play a huge part in my decision and I know, I know some are fake on trip adviser. However, that's why its important to read more than 5 reviews. If there are 30 reviews saying the beach is rocky, well chances are that beach is rocky.   On top of this, we are in the process of buying our first home, so as if I am not stressed enough.   That's enough of my ramblings for today, feel free to leave comments and positive thoughts!   Lillia



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