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Beauty Dos Before You Say I Do


Beauty Dos Before You Say "I Do"


Hair and makeup is an expression of who we are.  How we are feeling that day and how we want to be perceived.  The beauty of makeup and hair is that there are no right or wrong answers.  If you want to wear your hair in a mohawk with fire engine lips for your wedding, why not?  If that is your style and you are owning it, I say GO FOR IT!  Hair and makeup should never out do who you are.  Whatever it is you decide on, a chignon or soft beachy waves, smokey eye or cat eye, there are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure the humidity will not beat you to the alter and you look your best from the inside out.

HAIR:  The following information is on how to properly "prep" your hair for your stylist.  He/She will apply additional products when creating your look but these steps will help in addition to what your stylist uses.  


No matter what the style you opt for, it all starts in the shower.  Wash your hair with a shampoo for oily hair (even if you don't have oily hair).  This is to eliminate any oils you have so your hair is extra dry and holds a curl.  The oilier and softer the hair, the less likely it is to hold a style.  DO NOT use conditioner; it will weigh your hair down.  Towel dry your hair and apply a silicone based product from mid-shaft to ends.  The silicone seals in shine once your hair is curled.  COMPLETELY avoid applying the silicone to your scalp.  If applied to your scalp and you perspire it will look greasy.  Next, apply an anti-humidity blow dry creme all over (be generous).  Comb the product through.  If you have thick and/or coarse hair, section your hair and blow dry with a round brush (2- 2 1/2 inch diameter).  If you have naturally curly hair, ring your hair around your fingers and let it air dry.  Otherwise, I personally don't think it matters if you blow dry perfectly or rough dry it with your hands.  As long as your stylist has a good base to work with, both of you will be fine.  I prefer hair to be a little dirty.  It has more texture, holds a style much longer and is more pliable. So, if you're getting married on a Saturday, follow these steps Friday morning and style as usual.  Of course, if you have been ATVing all day and your hair looks two shades darker (from dust and dirt), wash it!  But follow all these steps before hitting the hay.





SKIN CARE:  Many of you have wondered what is the best foundation application for you on your wedding day.  We all want our skin to look velvety smooth without looking too made up.  The truth is, so many things factor in the look of your skin that have nothing to do with foundation application.   


HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!  I cannot say it enough.  You should drink 32 oz. of water and even more if you work out.  Well hydrated skin is a makeup artists dream.  Even if you don't have the best skin, if it is well hydrated makeup goes on more smooth, the skin looks more luminous and colors are truer.  I call water the drink of life.  It gives life to so many things including your skin.  So drink up and cheers!  


Fruits and veggies are great for your skin.  If you get a bit squeamish just hearing the word spinach or fruits are not allowed in your diet, I recommend a vitamin strictly for hair, skin and nails.  Otherwise, a juice filled with berries and tons of leafy greens will do wonders.  For best results do this for a minimum of one month before your big day.  Be consistent!


Sleep is often forgotten when planning a wedding but it shows all over your skin when it is lacking.  When you are sleep deprived your skin looks dull.  Try Valerian Root, it is natural, will help you get your zzz's and also helps with anxiety (now this is a bride's dream).  If you tend to get bags under your eyes, don't sleep with so many pillows.  Too much elevation is not good unless you’re wearing Louboutins!!


If you have problematic skin, try sleeping with your hair off and away from your face.  This will keep any additional oils from creeping on your skin.  Change your pillow case every 2 days to avoid any dirt and oil.  Instead of using powder to touch up, try using blotting papers.  This will prevent you from accumulating too much makeup throughout the day while removing any excess oil. 







GROOMING: Many brides are so busy they often forget to get their brows and/or upper lip groomed.  If your brows are not clean, it does not showcase the eyeshadow properly.  Often times, when a brow is not clean, the eye makeup may appear over done when that is not the case.  Do not change the natural shape of your brows a simple clean-up will do perfectly.   


It is a myth that if you remove the hair from your upper lip it will grow in thicker.  If it is done by a professional it will not.  No matter how perfect the makeup application is, if you have hair above your lip people can see it and it may show in your pictures.  There will be a dark cast above your lip and some photographers may not know to look for this so they will not photo shop.  


So let’s get started!  Beautiful hair and skin awaits you.  Each and every one of you deserve to look and feel your best.  It is my sincere wish you have the wedding of your dreams and you look like the bride you always imagined.  



MVP Hair and Makeup Artistry

Melissa Parry

[email protected]
Phone Number: 984 109 6043 and 984 119 0858 


Learn more about MVP HERE 



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