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Simple Wedding Details that Make A Huge Impact


Planning your Wedding will likely be one of the biggest "projects" you take on during your lifetime. So ensuring that your wedding details and decor mesh correctly can often be a cumbersome and costly task. But making sure your wedding celebration is picture perfect, doesn't always have to break the bank -- as long as you carefully craft your details and put your money where you can get the most bang out of your buck.

Here are some decor/details ideas that make a huge impact when it comes to setting the scene:

1) Your wedding colors: Color is the most impactful way to set the tone for your wedding. Stream your wedding colors throughout your dress, decor and details -- think about it, color doesn't cost a thing. So choose your colors carefully and run with it. When I got engaged, one of the first things I did was run to the paint section of my local hardware store to pick my color palette. From there on out, I kept my swatches close at hand whenever it came to choosing decor/details.

2) Lighting: Lighting is everything, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a photographer ;) But light truly sets the scene like no other details -- be it natural light from the sun, the glow from candles that line your tables or the string lights that hang above your reception area. Light conveys a mood and sets the scene for your celebration from beginning to end and this is especially true if your celebration takes place in the evening. Just remember, lighting matters!

3) Ceremony arrangement: Yes, it's true -- you don't have to have a traditional wedding aisle. There are so many different ways to give your ceremony setting a different feel. While you can certainly go the traditional route, have you thought of perhaps creating a circle of guests chairs around your ceremony area to give it a more intimate feel? Or if it's on the beach and you know the ceremony will be quick and simple, your guests may align the area standing. Chairs setup in a half circle can also give your ceremony a different feel. Consider a variety of ceremony setups that will go best with your ceremony length, style and setting.

4) Table arrangement and Reception layouts: How will you arrange your tables at your reception? This is another simple but easy detail that can create a huge impact on the entire vibe for your reception. Will you have a sweetheart table or have a long table in the front with your bridal party by your sides? Will guests sit in assigned seats or is it open seating to allow more guests to mingle with each other? These days couples are also looking into having long tables to allow for a more formal feel and it also allows for amazing tablescape decor. Also consider how your tables will be setup with the dance floor in mind. The layout for your tables is an important aspect that will create the mood/feel as you celebrate the night away!

5) Decor/Guest Favors: Consider implementing guests favors into your tablescape decor. It's an easy way to give dual purpose to your details -- for instance, line your tables with tiny candle vases that your guests can take home. Or perhaps use floral touches that also double as guests favors. This is a simple way to give your decor some pizazz while at the same time thinking of your guests!

- - -

About me: I am a former BDW Bride AKA as MarieSam and was addicted to this forum as I planned my own wedding in 2009. Since 2010, I have been the proud owner of MarieSam Sanchez Photography -- a husband and wife photography team based in Southern California and documenting love all over the world.

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