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How To Pick Your Wedding Date In Mexico


EEEKK!!! Your Engaged!!! You Choose Him & Mexico!

Now, How Do You Decide On A Date?

Picking a wedding date is very important for the obvious reasons, Avoiding major holidays which may result in “Two in one” presents from your new hubby! LOL! (Although he would most likely much prefer it for memory purposes!) Really though, all jokes aside…This is the day that you will celebrate every year, for the rest of your life…Choose wisely our blushing Fresa Bride!

Here are a few tips we think should lead the way in your decision making:




Mother Nature

We know that the Weather is always up to mother nature, however she is much more willing to be on your side if you steer clear of some of her angrier times in Mexico.

Hurricane Season: Hurricane season or the “Rainy Season” runs from late September through very Early November (The last big storms made landfall in 2009 and 2011 on the first weekend of November)

Humidity VS Hairspray: Humidity Wins if you choose the late summer months in Mexico. If you like it warm, I mean VERY warm then August and September are for you.


Windy days & Layered Nights: My favorite time of the year is the windy season which runs from December to February. These days are shorter, but filled with perfect temperatures for sunbathing all day, and adding a layer and snuggling up fireside at night. Side Note: The month of December is one of the only months of the year on the Caribbean side of Mexico to witness the most incredible Sunsets. This would provide the most perfect back-drop to your Welcome beach bonfire”, Sundowner Party or beach reception!

Safe, Dry & Warm: March-May offers some of the driest and typically perfect Wedding Day Temps. By late April early May it is getting a bit warm but it is safe to say that if it rains it most likely wont last!

Maybe It's All In The Numbers?

An ever-growing trend is for couples to choose unique dates based solely on the numbers! As an example Jenny & Andrew chose a Sunday in October: 10-10-10 for their beachside I Do’s! They beat out many requests for this date as did many 11-11-11 couples this year! Ensuring we do not jeopardize client service in any way we are anticipating that 12-12-12 will be the most popular by far (especially considering the Mayans predict this may be your last chance to tie the knot! LOL!) So Fresa’s, If 12 is your number, better act fast!


It is also very fun to use numbers that have meaning, like Andrea & Jon who chose to use Her birthday (6) His birthday (3) and their daughter’s birthday (9) for a stunning June 3, 2009 Beachfront ceremony! (Andrea still says she did it mainly so Jon has NO excuses but to remember their anniversary, He’s a good man Andrea, I have faith!)

Whatever date you choose one thing is for sure, with the increasing number of couples choosing to have their wedding logos on everything from Coasters to water bottles to being projected into pools…Your date is a big choice! So, before you “Save your Date” remember a few of these tips and then start to visualize your date in print!

Happy Planning Fresa's

Phone Canada : 519-859-8619

Phone Mexico : 984-111-5148

Skype : kristee.smith1



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