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Asking For Money Instead of a Wedding Gift


As time goes on more and more couples would love to move away from gift registry.


So you're wondering if it's okay to ask your guests for cash gifts instead of having a registry full of traditional wedding gifts?


Well don't worry, you're not the only couple wondering, in fact it has been reported recently that just about 35% of couples will be or would like to ask their guests for cash gifts or vouchers, instead of gifts.


There are websites and services cropping up all over offering the bride and groom several different ways to present this option to their guests in a way that is not rude, tacky or too forthright. When you think about it, it makes more sense to give the gift of cash or vouchers to your happy couple to be, because it can be used towards a big purchase such as a family car or towards a down payment for a house. The best thing to do if you know you would prefer cash over gifts at your wedding is to start to spread the word among your friends and families. Here are some other helpful ideas:


Register for Travel Vouchers

Several agencies and websites are now offering this option to couples to help plan their honeymoon trip. Check out honeymoons.com for more info.


Register for a Cash Gifts

American Express now offers gift cards for weddings and have it nicely packaged in a gold envelope. This can be listed on the registry.





One great example that incoporates both of these ideas quite nicely is a website called weddingrepublic.com. Brides and grooms can start a wishlist through the site, asking for guests to chip in on a honeymoon, home renovations, romantic dinners, or whatever else they may want. Guests will even be given the choice to contribute a portion of their cash gift in different areas if they choose. After the wedding, couples can close their registry and cash in their chunk of change. Are you asking for money or going the traditional way? Let us know!







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