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So in a moment of pure insanity i decided i wanted to make my own invitations... i just couldn't find ones that had everything I wanted that weren't over 500 bucks! BUT now I'm confused on shipping... I was thinking of doing a 4x9 invitation with ribbon wrapped around the top and a sanddollar glued on top of the ribbon. How do i ship this freakin thing then? i saw the hand cancelling thread, but i'm confused as to whether they still get put through a machine even if they are hand stamped with the postage.

has anyone sent something like a sand dollar or starfish in just an evelope... or do you think they would break even if they were hand stamped.


Also, I was looking at bubble mailers and stuff, but am not really sure where to begin. i would be willing to do a different size invitation. i really want to stay below a 300.00 including everything.


any andive would be a huge help! Thanks!

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