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And so it begins... :(

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I posted that about Ryan Air. Many of our guests are taking a Ryan Air flight out of San Antonio & Houston. Luckily we are flying out of North Carolina on a different airline. The good thing about Ryan Air is that its a charter flight. If the prices drop, your TA should be able to take that difference off the guests bill. If your TA hasn't offered to do this, talk to them about it.


I don't know if it's possible for your TA to switch you to a different flight. Usually Sun Country has charters out of san antonio, but for some reason they don't have any now. I'm wondering if they will schedule when it gets closer.


Have you already made/bought the things you plan on taking? If not, maybe you can cut out some weight. You can give people OOT bags before the trip or just make smaller OOT bags.

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