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Winning Battles

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my battle with alcohol and tobacco addiction. I don't even remember a day when I used to not smoke. I have realized what a fool I was back then. I was always confident that nothing would happen to me because my dad is still a chain smoker and he is healthy as a horse. I started to notice that I had yellow teeth and it was getting worse. Then my husband always complained that I am sending a wrong message to our kids and that I always smell bad. Things started to get worse at home and we always fought too much. At the same time, I had a lot of pressure from work as well. Smoking was my only relief. But little did I know that my bad habits had severe side effects and I was diagnosed with gum diseases by my periodontist in Oshawa. I started to get scared when I googled more about gum diseases and how the smokers can be heavily affected. Not only were my teeth stained but also my breath had a foul smell. My periodontitis got worse and I had to get immediate help. My doctor asked me to quit all my bad habits and only then did he start his medication. It was very hard at first, but soon it got better and I could finally stop my urge to smoke. During my visits, I met a few people with oral cancer as well and I couldn't even think further. I stopped everything and focused on getting my health back. I hope this story becomes an inspiration to at least one of you. God Bless!

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