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Hi there,


I am an Aussie bride getting married next yr at moon palace. I originally wanted to get married on the beach but have since read the review that the beach is not nice at all. Can anyone confirm? So now I am completely freaking out as I have not visited the resort before. Has any one stayed there/married that could recommend the best locations for ceremony and reception? Or have any pictures. Will arrive late April and was hoping for a late afternoon wedding. Has anybody got any idea whether that's suitable or not. I also am unsure what to do about photography. Has everyone just used the resorts photographer? Help please!!!!!!

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Hello Liilii86,


This wedding took place at Gazebo Tucanes, and the session was at the Lobby Grand, Take a look at it. If you have any doubt, please let me know.


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Hi, we had our wedding 2 weeks ago in the resort chapel on the Nizuc side. The hotel is amazing but the beach was horrible, lots of seaweed and smelly. They did a great effort but couldn't keep it clean the whole week. I definitely would recommend a gazebo as the unpredictanle weather conditions can ruin the beach easily, although I don't know about the grand.18555d12c48a95a18e39ba9e1177dc57.jpg

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