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I got the free templates from here:




I got some inspiration from here:




This had information:




We were thinking about getting 46 invitations, boarding passes, and envelopes from here:




It was almost $400 for 46 passports (!) Admittedly, 12 pages, but with shipping it probably would have been over $400.


So I decided to make my own.


I ordered stamps from here:




60 because they come in packs of 20.


I also ordered 60 Coastal Birds Postcard stamps. I can't link it because their site is down right now.


The stamps haven't arrived yet.


I went to FedEx Kinko's and I got proofs made, twice.


The first proofs, I bought a special stapler that would fit the passport invitation (from Staples). At the same time, I bought multi-colored pastel envelopes.


The second proofs didn't fit the stapler (which means more cutting).


I bought a special corner rounder.


My friend helped me round a lot of the corners.


All in all they are not perfect but I think they are fine. I don't want to pay any more to re-print them.


I bought a calligraphy book, pens and calligraphy paper. I figured if I do the calligraphy myself it will save money but still not look too bad. 


Well that's it!

Oh yes. The boarding passes are RSVPs and I will put the postcard stamps on those, except for the international guests.


I plan to buy a rubber stamp to stamp the back of the invitations... not sure how long that will take... may have to get one custom made here.








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Hi SlatersWife,


Great! I'm so glad :)


Let me know if you have any questions...


I am leaving on a jet plane... won't be back again until after the wedding :) Returning July 15 but will do my best to respond :)

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