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Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun March 2016 Wedding

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After several months and going through way to many resorts we have FINALLY decided, booked, down payments made, rooms blocked, etc at NOW sapphire riviera cancun for our wedding March 12, 2016!!!! I would love ANY tips and recommendations for this resort or any general tips that you wish someone would have told you! We are getting ready to send out invites even though the people who we really wanted/actually will attend already have all the wedding info. Do you have any recommendations for invites? we are NOT having an at home reception! any DJ recommendations? what did you DIY for your wedding and are you glad you did? How did you save money? did you do guests bags? what were in them? did you do any "group" activities with all your guests as a welcome type thing to get everyone excited/to loosen up?

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Congrats Kaitlyn!!

I hope you are having Juan Carlos as your WC, he is super professional.!

Puerto Morelos, where is located your resort, has a big big reef, and the dept of this is almost 50cm or 2 feet to 6 feet 2 meters. yes you need to reach the reef by boat that you can take in the town, that is 20 minutes by bike.

Snorkeling would be great as an activity for your guests.


good luck!


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Welcome to our forum community Kaitlyncrossley, and Congrats on your upcoming NOW Sapphire wedding - And having finalized your resort choice !!!


You've chosen well - and will have a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding images - as you can see in these magical wedding moments that matter we captured there......great choice!!!


.....from our NOW Sapphire Wedding Album 1:







.....from our NOW Sapphire Wedding Album 2:






WIshing you happy reserach, and that your thoroughly ENJOY your amazing journey ahead - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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