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I just posted on my original newbie post beofre I realized there was a place to post about the wedding. Here is how it went for us. Thank you!



Hola!!! (see? I can speak some spanish now! :)

I wanted to write a quick follow up. My BIG day has come and gone. We were married (eloped) on Flamingo Beach in Costa Rica. Everything went perfectly.

Our wedding planner was Catalina Cuervo from C.R. Referrals Travel. (www.costaricavacationexperts.com). They are located in Costa Rica and Catalina is the owner. She personally plans each wedding herself from what I was told. Catalina did an amazing job lining up the photographer, the officiate, and even arranged a candlelight chefs table on the beach. We had a private waiter and the head chef attending us, it was like it was from a storybook. We wanted something romantic but simple. We wanted to spend our money more on an amazing trip, not just all on the ceremony and Catalina made it all possible. From the moment we landed, we were taken very good care of. If you ever get to read this Catalina, Thank You! (I already sent her like 4 messages thanking her 

I found this website late in my planning but I did get some valuable advice in my reading. We ended up having to fiddle with the dates a little but it all worked out. Thanks to the encouragement of others, I did bring my mothers wedding dress and was married in it. She is no longer with us and this was so important to me. Thank you for your comments regarding the dress in another post I had done, it made it there and back again in one piece. I like to dream of my own daughter maybe using the same dress someday. 3 generations married in my family with the same dress would be wonderful. First, I need to have a daughter, we are working on that   :wub:

Here is what we did on our elope/adventure

May ~15th ~ Day 1 ~ Arrival ~ Liberia airport
• Private Transfer to Playa Flamingo - this took about a little over 2 hours to get to the resort
• Flamingo beach Resort – Honeymoon Suite - Right on the beach, we loved the attention to service they had.


May ~16th ~ Day 2 ~ Playa Flamingo ~ (B,L,D)
• Catamaran & Snorkeling Tour - A lovely catamaran tour. We had hoped to see whales but did not, we did see dolphins and huge Manta Rays jumping out of the water! The sunset was beautiful and it was a nice introduction.


May ~17th ~ Day 3 ~ Playa Flamingo ~ (B,L,Private dinner on the beach)
• Wedding Day!!!!!!!!
• 2:00pm Couples Massage - who does not like a massage? 
• 3:30pm Hair & Makeup - This was handled by the resort and coordinated with our wedding planner Catalina
• 4:30pm Photographer - We had some pre ceremony photos, during and after
• 5:20pm wedding on the beach – ceremony - We had some touch and go moments on the weather, but in the end we got the beach wedding we wanted 
• legal wedding officiate - arranged by Catalina
• 6:15 Wedding Dinner – private chef’s table on the beach - This was magical, this was an 8 course tasting menu prepared by the head chef. He personally delivered each course along with our private waiter. I felt like royalty at this point in the day.


May ~18th ~ Day 4 ~ Playa Flamingo ~ (B,L,D)
• Buena Vista Combo Tour - This was an adventure day. The tour included several fun activities including horseback riding, canopy tours, hanging bridges, volcanic mud baths, it was heavenly 


May ~19th ~ Day 5 ~ Playa Flamingo ~ Arenal ~ (B,L)
• Private transfer to Arenal - this was a long transfer, about 5 hours almost with a stop we made for lunch and at a road side fruit stand.
• Check in Silencio del Campo – cabin/villa - Loved, loved, loved this small hotel. It has hot springs that are heated from Arenal Volcano, wonderful volcano views, it was just lovely and so nice to soak in the hot springs each night.


May ~20th ~ Day 6 ~ Arenal ~ (B)
• Safari Float - A nice river float, we saw monkeys, sloths, many birds, it was a nice relaxed day.


May ~21st ~ Day 7 ~ Arenal ~ (B,L)
• Canyoneering & River Rafting - This was our final day of adventure. It included rappelling down waterfalls in the rainforest and then rafting down rapids in a river! It was an intense day but SO much fun. Both my HUSBAND (love saying that word now) and I are nature lovers, and adventure seekers. This was the perfect ending to our Adventure/Elopement/Honeymoon 


May ~22nd ~ Day 8 ~ Departure ~ (B)  ~ Liberia
• Private Transfer to Airport - The trip back to the airport took about 3 hours.


I am waiting on the final photos from the photographer, that is probably the only negative. We have the preliminary photos, they look good but I want to post the final touched up pics when we get them. It should be soon, there is a 3 month turn around on touched up final photos.

To anyone wanting to get married or elope in another country, do it! The entire trip cost us about $6000 with airfare. We calculated getting married back at home, after the venue and wedding plans it would have cost us a fortune, the way we did it we had a wonderful celebration of our love and had money left over 

Thank you for your time in answering my questions and bless everyone who enters into marriage, I hope your lives together are special beyond words. If I can help anyone with any questions I would be more than happy.

XXOO, - Photos coming soon!!! :)


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Congrats! Sounds fantastic :) Though I'm already married, I am in love with the idea of dreamy destination elopements! I am hoping one day I will actually get to photograph a destination elopement, it sounds so wonderfully romantic and incredible :) Can't wait to see your photos!!!!!  ;)

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