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I'm thinking this might work for us. Just to clarify, this is the app on my iphone that is $8.99 right? We have a very relaxed schedule. As I said, we're 6 so there's no pressure or anything. I'm debating a first look but haven't confirmed yet with Samuel where we can do that. Because it's so easy, I'm not totally worried about timing. We are going into Playa to Styling Trio's studio for hair and makeup then back to whatever the final resort ends up being, then dressing, then back to Grand Coral for our ceremony and pictures there, then some back in Playa then our cocktails and dinner at a restaurant right in Playa del Carmen. It means there is some travelling in between so plenty of time to set up the music, and if it's just a swipe then I think it should be ok.

It should be that that one. It's called wedding dj. I bought the pack that comes with party monster because it was the same price haha



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