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Canadian Brides Who Were Married At Kukua

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Hi ladies, I am a Canadian who is getting married at Kukua in November, and we are trying to figure out our best payment option, since Bego doesn't accept credit card. Bego mentioned we could pay through our bank, but I don't know how that would work. Can you let me know how you paid your bill? We don't want to travel with nearly $10k in cash, so would like to pay before we leave Calgary.


Thanks for your help!



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I never have but have considered my options for paying in Mexico 1. Credit card 2. Debit (limit not high enough for 1 transaction 3. Carrying cash (scary) 4. Taking cash out in Mexico (also scary)

We went with visa.


I'd ask him what he means about your bank - is it debit? Money order? E transfer?


There has to be a way without taking cash with you. Good luck



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