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Suzanne Morel Was The Best!

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Hi Ladies,


I thought i would share my experience with Suzanne Morel and her Fab Crew =) because it's disappointing to see some bad reviews on here about her =( 


I booked Suzanne Morel maybe two years in advance for my wedding just like i did with all my vendors and since day one she was AMAZING to work with!!! Everything about my experience with Suzanne and her crew was nothing but GREATNESS!!!! They are amazing with there response time as well and to me that means more than anything!! I saw on some reviews that her staff was limited to english which i never experienced. Even though i am spanish i don't speak much of it but i do understand it all and Suzanne knew that so she had a translator there at all times. For the trail and for the wedding day. (Which i thought was Great) I also saw that she was pushy and NO WAY did I EVER get that in any way shape or form!!! All she did was help me in the best way possible with payments. She worked around me i didn't work around her which was very important and because of this me and my husband were able to pay for our entire wedding without no worries at all. I also saw some people complaining about her prices =( and I personally don't think it was allot. I mean its a wedding and you want to look your very best so why not spend a little to make you look FAB on one the most important day of your life right? We paid for 7 people in total (hair & makeup) (including me) and we really didnt mind the price because i had so much faith in Suzanne and i just knew it was going to be perfect and it WAS!!!! I truly cant seem to thank Suzanne enough for my wedding day. Everything was Perfect!!! 


Trail hair & makeup- Me and my husband went to her salon which wasnt too far from dreams so we took a cab there and back and when we arrived Suzanne and Elsa were there waiting for us =) It was so nice to finally met them. They sent my husband to a different room (because he didnt write his vows yet lol so thats what he was doing when i was getting my hair done lol) Suzanne explained everything to the girl who was doing my hair and she did it great and fast, She was also taking notes on everything. When leaving the salon Suzanne made the hairstylist change my hair back to the way it was because Suzanne feels like No one should see the bride look before the wedding which i thought was Cute =) 


Payments- We were able to make payment arrangements on all our services with her which we thought was GREAT!!!! Because we booked our wedding in so much time in advance we never had any issues paying any vendors and to tell you the truth it never put a dent in our pockets and we got EVERYTHING we wanted. We didn't have to limit ourselves on anything. which was AMAZING!!!!!!!! 


Wedding Day- Suzanne's Crew came to my room at Dreams Exactly the time she told me they were and before they arrived they even called my room to let me know they were on there way. Come on how great is that ? When they arrived they were all so very nice and did nothing but made sure we all loved our hair & makeup. They were there to aim and please and thats exactly what they did!!!! I truly truly cant thank Suzanne and her amazing Crew ENOUGH!!!!!!! Very Very professional!!! I was 100% satisfied and so was everyone else =) 




We didn't just book Suzanne for hair & makeup but also for linens and she her crew also did our reception set up which was AMAZING!!!!! 



I truly don't know how our wedding would have been without Suzanne, Elsa and her Crew!!!! I worried about nothing the day of my wedding because i had so much faith in her work since day ONE and at the end it all paid off!!!! 



I have posted pictures on my gallery of all the work Suzanne did for us on our wedding so please feel free to check them out and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me =) 




Happy Planning Ladies =) 

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This review makes me happy, as I have booked Suzanne for hair and makeup for my bridal party and myself. I have also booked Linens, Things and more for design and decor and I am using Suzanne's other comany Creative Destination Events for wedding coordination. Suzanne, Elsa, Maria and the rest of the team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I have had no issues with language barriers.

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I'm so glad this review was helpful =) and you have no worries believe me, they are going to make your wedding a Dream!!! They are amazing people!!!! You are in Great Hands!!!!! 



Best Wishes to your upcoming wedding in Feb =) 

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