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Hello everyone,


I don't know if this even exist but does anyone have a list (or made one) of outside vendors that Dreams Cancun allow on their resort? I know vendor fees are charged but I'm trying to make a budget of the additional items that I want that the resort doesn't necessarily provide.  (for ex: Flowers, Linens, Music, Photography and Makeup). Anything else I'm forgetting? 


Also- for those who have had their weddings recently- I have a couple questions for you.


1) How was the DJ (that comes along with the package)? They don't allow you to bring other DJS or live bands, right?

I've read mixed reviews and I'm come from a family that likes to dance. It would be bummer to do a DW and have mediocre music. 


2) Food/ Cocktail Hour- How was it? Has anyone been able to attend their cocktail with their guest and do pictures later? If so, how did you structure it? One pet peeve of mine is missing parts of the wedding reception. A lot of couples get their pictures taken and as a result,  they miss cocktail hour.  I would prefer to be right along with my guests chatting it up and enjoying the cocktails and hors'doeuvres. 


3) Has anyone tried to incorporate fruit into their centerpieces? If so, where do you get it from?


4) For those who had their reception in the El Patio and/ or Portofino, was it worth it? The price seems a bit expensive to have for a private area so just wanted to hear your thoughts. 


5) When arriving from the airport, are they still doing construction on the long road before you get to the resort? I just remember it being very bumpy coming in. 


6) Looking for creative ideas for wedding favors (other than maracas), any ideas you can throw out?


Sorry for the long post but any answers you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you!



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