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The Silver Renewal Package is specifically for a renewal of vows, which is why i need to produce a wedding certificate. But you can have a symoblic wedding with any of the wedding packages, so you may be able to get married afterwards with those packages. The Info Sheet I have for a Silver Wedding Renewal is from 2013 when I booked my wedding...I will see if I can find it in my email. If it is not on the website anymore you may want to check with the WC to see if they even offer it now, their policies and prices change every year. 


I have mine ceremony set for around 4 or its it 4:30....I'm not sure I forget now! somewhere around there....I'm hoping that will be a good time.




What was your timeline for the day?

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@@Jc14 - it was originally scheduled for 4 pm, but the judge bumped it up to 3

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@@Meandhim, it went something like this:


8:45 am - Myself and bridesmaids met photographer for breakfast at the buffet

9 am - Matron of Honour started hair at salon (her hair is about waist length and THICK, so we gave her extra time)

10 am - Other bridesmaids started (it should have started at 9:30, but the MOH's hair took so long)

10 am - Groom tried to find breakfast

10 am - My dress was delivered to the room - no boys allowed in from this point on!

11 am - Groom's grandmother got her hair done

11:30 am - Mother of Groom and my step mom got their hair done

Noon - I started my hair


Everyone did make up after, the groom's mom left to get ready around 1.


1 pm - Groom getting ready photos in his parents' room

1:30 pm - my step-mom and the grandmother of the groom left the spa to get ready

2 pm - finally out! Adventure to race back to the room


2:15 pm - We told all the guests to meet in the lobby

2:30 pm - The train picked up the groom and guests at the hotel lobby and brought them to the gazebo

2:40 pm - My dad arrived with my family for final getting ready moments

2:55 pm - We headed to our golf cart.  At this point I was PANICKING that we'd be late.


3:30 pm - Toast, readings, and group photo

3:45 pm - Family photos - we have big families so this took awhile, especially with the kids

4:30 - 6:00 pm - Bride and Groom and bridal party shots, a few water breaks and what not in there too

6:30 pm - Beach BBQ Dinner

8:00 pm - Cake cutting

8:30 pm - MOH speech

9 pm - Beach bash starts

9- 9:15 pm - First dance, mother-son, father-daughter dances, bouquet toss and garter toss

9:15 -11 pm - Dancing!


After the wedding some guests went and did their own thing, others went to bed

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Thanks again ladies for your answers!


@@Kerrierf for your dinner on the beach, or even a private dinner in the restaurant, was there a sound system? I'm thinking of playing my own music for the dinner and having the DJ for the beach bash. Were your dinner and bash at the exact same spot on the beach? what the dinner a buffet? 


What photographer did you use? 

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@@Jc14, sadly there wasn't a sound system. To rent one, it's an extra $340 (or 360... something like that), so not something we felt would be worth the investment.  The trio band DID stop in and play a few songs though, and we had a little activity for them to do at their tables, but besides that it was just people talking and the ocean - which was actually pretty nice.


The beach bash was on the beach for us, about 100 ft from where we had dinner - but another wedding while we were there had it on the deck. I think it depends on the size of the group.


Dinner was a buffet - and delicious!


My cousin is a professional photographer, so we paid for her and her husband's trip (and avoided an outside vendor fee). They're AMAZING, and even did an "after-wedding" shoot with us wearing our new Mr. and Mrs. tops.

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Hi ladies!


I just gave my TA the go-ahead to book our trip! Yayyy! Exciting and scary lol  :D

@@Kerrierf That's great! Doesn't sound like you missed the music :) Did you do a welcome dinner or drinks? Did you do any excursions with your group? Also, I don't think I asked you already, but I had posted while you were away: when the WC showed you the flowers, decor, etc. Could you choose any flowers you wanted? Or did it have to be the ones that are included (as per the website). What I would like to do is go with the Waves of Love pkg, but get the pink flowers and decor from Ocean Pearl. I don't need the extras that come with that pkg. Sorry if I asked this already - my brain has been all over the place since I got engaged last week!

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Hi again!


I'm full of questions.. they never end! This one is an admin question: I'm filling out the credit card authorization form and the wedding agreement form to send to Carolina once I'm back at work on Tuesday (darn long weekend!). 


- on the credit card form, is the booking or confirmation number the one from our TA once she books our trip?

- on the wedding agreement form, is the contact and email address mine?? Or our WC? (dumb question) Also, we haven't decided on the wedding package yet, nor do we have a confirmed number of guests (obviously). Did everyone just put an estimate in there?



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@@Mels84 hi there and congrats on your recent marriage! :) i'm wondering where you got your flowers from in Toronto? I think i will only need 2 bouquets and 2 boutonnieres, at $30 and $12 each, respectively. do you mind letting me know how much yours costed? thanks!


@@Kerrierf also wanted to ask about your flowers from etsy. were they cheaper than the ones from the resort? thanks!

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Sorry I've been awol from this site for a while.. I tried to upload more pics and it wouldn't let me and then life got crazy but anyways...


@@Jc14 I ordered my flowers from ebay and made my own bouquets, boutonnières and corsages. I used real touch calla lilies which are latex and come in all kinds of colours.. The ones I chose were white with a dark purple throat.. Our maid thought they were real and out them in water after the wedding lol... Basically I took as many flowers as I wanted in each bouquet and wrapped them in floral tape and then ribbon and then I found this rhinestone ribbon stuff and made a bit of an accent handle.. Very simple.. For the boutonnières I used starfish, ribbon, some grass sprigs, burlap and pearls.. Then just a brooch clip... It was a bit of work but I bet I spent half as much as I would have if I bought them... I found etsy very expensive and I even looked on kijiji and there wasn't much

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@@Mels84 thanks for the info! would you mind sharing the link or seller from ebay? thanks!

p.s. it's gotten quiet on this thread! where did everyone go?  :mellow:

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