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Police: Minn. woman inquiring about Craigslist post found dead

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That is so scarry! I like the idea of meeting people in a busy parking lot.

I've never used CL but, have browsed a few times and have been wanting to post a copule things for sale, but FI said he didn't want a bunch of strangers coming to our house. Now I know why!

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That is horrible! Poor girl! sad.gif


I haven't sold on cl in a while, but a few years ago when I was off work moving from one job to the next, I sold quite a bit and I met so many people in busy parking lots only...I felt like a drug dealer or something...it was weird!


For a nanny position though I guess there is no way around going to the house to see the kids, etc....that just sucks!


I just remembered that this one time I was selling a single TV tray. i mean crazy stuff just to make a few bucks and it's amazing what people want. Anyway, I met this guy at the walmart parking lot so busy, etc...Well he didn't have money with him! WTF?? Who meets someone to buy something and doesn't bring money? So he wanted me to go inside the store with him so he can buy something like gum and get cash back. I told him no, he can go in there and do it himself and I would wait out front. For some reason that I can't recall now he couldn't get money from in the store so he wanted me to follow him to his house which was "right down the street" to get his wallet. I told him he was crazy and I wouldn't do that and that he really should have brought that with him considering how he was meeting someone to "buy"something. I was getting really rude. I should have just left, but I drove like 15 min to meet this guy that I wanted to sell the stupid thing, so I told him he 10 min and I was watching the clock to go to his house get his money and come back or I would be gone!!! He went and got it and paid me and I got rid of the table...but I told people about it afterward and they were all mad at me and thought I would get killed or raped or something. That was actually the last time i sold anything on Cl and that was about 3 years ago!

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