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Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
You're such a sweetie Morgan! Your friend will love her book.

Isn't making photobooks addicting? I've been agonizing over my wedding album for months now. I have to stop changing things! I just always think of something different I want to do :) I can spend literally hours at a time...
I'm the same way. So i have to set a time limit for a project like this. I told myself I could work on it until after lunch. i went over an hour, but still it keeps me under control. There are things I want to change, but I have to draw the line somewhere or I'll always be working on the book. Usually getting the free shipping coupons forces me to have a deadline.

Now that I have lumapix I want to remake all the books I've done before!

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It finally got to her. She really loved it. Her email was so nice & made me so happy I had done this. Photobooks for all wedding gifts from now on :)

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