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Kapalua Weather In Late May

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Eyeing a daytime wedding in late May in Kapalua but would love a sense of how worried I should be about potential rain.


I have visited Ka'anapali in mid-June and remember the weather being great. My fiancé visited Kaplua in late June 2 years ago and remembers it being cloudy/sprinkly.


Any insight would be majorly appreciated as I am planning this wedding from California. Thanks!

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Congratulations on your Engagement!


Kapalua is on the leeward side of the island (drier and warmer) than the windward side.  It can be windier in that area and rain a bit more than other coastal areas further south.  That being said, generally the weather in May is glorious. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, it is always wise to have a Plan B just in case.


I am heading to Maui next week and would be happy to take photos or gather any information that may help you.


Happy Planning!

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