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WHY Brides Choose Private Venue instead of hotels for the Ceremony/Reception

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Hi Brides! 

If you are looking for answers as to why getting married in a private Venue compared to a hotel may be best for you, then, this is a good article to read for you. The main advantages our private Beach/Garden, or other perhaps as well, as compared to a hotel are privacy, length of party hours and originality and my favorite one of all; a break from hotel food and the same pool/beach area guests have been in all week!


Privacy: You will not be taken pictures of by loud strangers. Also, the activities guy will not be yelling on the microphone during your ceremony :) Our beach is very secluded and basically private. Our venue does not open to the public and therefore no strangers will be there.



Late Party Hours: What is the point of getting married in Mexico if you cannot party hard into the night :) You may party for 9 hours straight in our private Venue. Up until 2AM or even longer if your budget permits.

Originality and Personal Attention: We do not have two or three weddings at the same time or even the same day; so yours will be our only wedding ceremony during that week assigned to our wedding staff. They will focus on you and only you during the week. We may have a wedding the next day but the staff/coordinator will be different so they will not have to cram or worry about back to back weddings and therefore you get much better service.



A Break From Hotel: Considering that guests have been in the hotel for a week my brides point out to me that the main reason for having the wedding outside of the hotel is to give the guests a break from the same hotel food and the same setting. Puerto Vallarta is in the seventh largest bay in the world. It would be a shame if they do not see a bit more than just one beach. The wedding then becomes a sort of "Tour" where they get to try new areas and different quality of ingredients in a full service dinner. Enough Hotel Buffett aleady :)



Cost wise, we are about the same as the hotel cost for a wedding so it is a wash. Of course you can design your wedding and have better decorations and different entertainment upgrades and that is another advantage for our venue... no restrictions as to who you can work with and what you can do in your party! We are known as an Indie Venue! As written by this famous magazine...




So please visit www.martoca.com for packages and costs and available dates! You can always stay at the big resorts. They are close by... so do not worry about distance.


So come visit! Thank You!


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