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Pain in my neck!

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Originally Posted by NHPT View Post
i know you are probably aware of this- but i see this ALL the time- people take medications which relive pain but it also overly relaxes you so that when you sleep you tend to sleep in very weird positions that lead to increased pain in your neck. its a vicious cycle. so i know pain is awful but try not to take meds to close to bedtime so that you arent SO relaxed when you fall asleep!!! just FYI!!
Good point. Actually what I try to do when I feel like this is make sure I'm in a good position when I get into bed. I'm basically on my back, pillow under my knees, one supporting my R arm (side where the pain is referred) and I place a rolled up towel under my neck (instead of a cervical pillow). I stay put pretty well.

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