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Lynn and Adebo --Creating Joy and Peace

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    Posted 30 October 2013 - 09:39 AM

    One day while at work my boss asked me to meet a special client for him. After all, Cody works with many influential individuals within our state. I went home and prepared for this day as if I was going to me the president. The next morning, I got up and began to get dressed. I was determined that nothing was going to ruin this day! As I drove to work, something seemed very different to me. The trees seemed brighter, everything seemed peaceful and I was inspired to simply enjoy every moment.  Having no clue what was about to happen and believing that I was meeting an artist for Cody, who apparently couldn’t come to our office because (she or should I say he) was selling her art pieces.  As, I drove to meet our new client I was filled with excitement. I thought “don’t forget to miss a step, ask her questions, get to know her and enjoy your time with her.”

    As I approached my meeting spot it began to rain. I thought “well my hair is going to look a hot mess but I am going to enjoy my time with her.”  While, I was walking this gentlemen walked over to me and said “are you here to meet Katie?” I said “yes!” Excitement filled my heart as I looked at this gentleman carrying a camera just like Adebo would. I complimented his camera, asked what he did for a living and he said “I am a photographer for National Inquirer. “ Then he said “I will come and say goodbye to you when you finish meeting with Katie.” I thought nothing of it and began to walk, as I got to the end of the bridge I could see him, Adebo, shaking and looking away from me. What’s he doing here? OH, MY GOSH!!!! Don’t tell me?!?! Is he?!?! Seeing him really nervous made me want to comfort him.

    Then I walk over to him, he drops to one knee and he says “On July 6th, I met you! When I went back to my hotel room I told my roommates…Well this is something I’ve never told you but I told them …Today I met my wife!” “What I want to know, Lynn, is… will you be my wife…will you marry me?!?!” All of a sudden I noticed that there were camera men everywhere and that they were taking videos of us. Filled with joy I knew that the only answer I wanted to give was “Yes!” I cried in that moment and all the way back to my office. I said “I finally found someone who loves me. Me!” What had always seemed impossible for me had just happened. The lies that I told myself that I couldn’t have what I wanted and that I was unlovable no longer seemed real. I knew that I had chosen the man that I wanted and he had chosen me. 



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