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RSVP language for cruise wedding in port

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I am on CC! :) there's a lot of great info there too.

Love this - its nice to tie a bit of the cruise lingo into the invites :) I also noticed you are on the "CC" site - I feel like there is so much to do ......

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We are worried about this too. Fingers are crossed, but if it comes down to it we will have to tell our B listers that they have to sail or they cant go. We invited about 120- so far we have 8 cabins booked (18 sailing guests) and 16 for sure not sailing.

I am having an issue with wording because carnival is only allowing us to have a amall # of people come on for the wedding and then get off before we sail. We are inviting alot of people in hopes that most will cruise with us, but I am nervous with how we word the newsletter we are sending out in place of an invitation because I dont want more then our allowed # of people thinking they can come for just the wedding and leave, and then we end up having to turn people down. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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