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Has anyone seen this dress?

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Hello Ladies. This is my first post so if the picture is too big or it looks like I'm yelling. Lol. I'm not.


I'm having a few different ceremonies and this dress is perfect for the first one.

Of course, the "only" problem is... I don't know who the designer is or where I can find it.

I've looked into some of the knock-off/replica sights.

Sweetdresses, Dress_buy,  Bridal_mall,  yate_dress, are all sellers on DHgate that make it. They make me leery for several reasons. One of which is, some say it's made out of cotton and another says satin. I'm pretty sure its taffeta and there are a few that say taffeta. Outerinner makes it and I saw it on Aliexpress sold by Shenzhen Sales Technology. LOTS of bad reviews on Aliexpress. I know many of you have used Dressilyme and Jasmine but they don't have this dress. At least not on their websites anyway. I'm also concerned about what size to order. I've read that even if you go by their sizing chart some run small. I've also checked out several of the used dress sites just in case. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   cheesy.gif

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