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Jellyfish Brides & Stress

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Stressed Brides,


I hope everyone that is feeling stressed and being overwhelmed can take a few moments to breath.


I wasn't always planning on having my wedding on the beach. Actually I originally planned to have a big local one in the states. Once I really started to "try" planning I was about to loose my mind. I actually got so discouraged I stopped planning all together for nearly 2 months. It was really depressing.. and of course made everyone worried. But really the problem was I always imagined planning my wedding would be so much fun. There was the problem.... I wasn't having any fun. I was stressed over all the choices someone gave me. When I said I wanted pink in my wedding I really didn't want anyone to give me 30 different color options. :/ 


I really started to see how girls could turn into a bridezilla's. It was ridiculous to me. No offense to anyone that wants that many choices but for me it wasn't happening. I am extremely laid-back. It wasn't that I didn't care, it was just not that big of a deal to me get upset over. So that's when we decided why not destination wedding? The options are limited and we can relax and lay back and take it easy til the day of the wedding. So I felt so relived when I came across the Jellyfish! It took about two weeks for Mayte to get back to me and another wk to confirm a date and send the deposit. Now I'm just getting ideas from pintrest to show Mayte next April when we go to the Dominican for the wedding. I'm also very lucky and blessed that Katya Nova and Pastor York are both available for my wedding day.


No time is to early to get in touch with these talented and extremely busy people. So if you are wanting the best pastor or best amazing photographer be sure to contact them. They are all so helpful in every way and when you can't get intouch with mayte Katya is so sweet for giving you infomation (she was a Jellyfish Bride too). So try and remember during all the wedding planning ladies to be having fun! This is all about you and the love of your life. And no matter what, even if something goes wrong just breath, smile, and hell even laugh because really its all worth it in the end.


I cant be the only one that is opting to have a wedding away to be less stressed right...?

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