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For those who got married at Dreams Tulum...

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I will be taking the basic wedding package (the free one if you reserve 5 rooms or more) and will be adding a few things to it (eg. more flowers, bows on chairs, hair do, makeup...).


Since in package one, no meal is included but we are at a all inclusive resort... We are 12 and we would like to eat together after the ceremony. I will also be adding to my basic package some flowers for the dinner table as well bows on the chairs - I am hoping they have 20 to 30 inch clear vases so I can fill them up with sand, seashells and candles as center pieces. I prefer not bringing vases in the plane since I will already have the sand ceremony things with me ! ! !


So this is my question... it's about time ! :


Is it possible to eat all together without paying the extra 700$ (private reception) ? We are a small group, I don't mind being in a restaurant with other people. But I would like all of us together !


Round tables can sit 8 to 10 people... Is it possible to have a rectangular table? I know this is possible at the Sushi restaurant, but I do not want to have my reception there...maybe seaside grill (or other beach side restaurant). I cannot eat at the Bordeaux restaurant since I have 2 kids (maybe they will make an exeption since it's my wedding day !)


I was thinking of something just like this



wedding table.doc

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I love the table setting. I want to do the same thing and not be charged for dinner which is already AI. I posted in the new convention center at DT thread about the new pdf brochures Landy emailed last night, they are so helpful with all the policies on groups. I think the only place do not get charged would be the World Cafe buffet, where they can set an area aside for your group.

I will likely go this route for an after ceremony Lunch for my 14+ people so I am on the search for pictures of what the tables and decor look like in the buffet restaurant. Still working out the details of when to do cake and toast and possibly dancing though.

Let me know if you want the brochures- they have lots of pics including cake choices and some table settings.

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