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Shenique from Sheque Perfection is a must for Picture Perfect Hair and Makeup in Turks & Caicos

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If you are having your wedding in Turks & Caicos, I highly recommend Sheque Perfection for hair and makeup!  My initial trial was at a salon in the Grace Bay area, and while both the hair and makeup artist were quite nice and professional, I felt very uncomfortable with way my makeup came out.  It was just way too heavy and caked on for me, and I'm a person who normally does not normally wear anything on her face except sunscreen and lip balm, and really wanted a natural look for my wedding day.  The following day, I had a trial with Shenique from Sheque Perfection.  She asked me if I had anything in mind, and I showed her some of the pictures that I had collected from magazines and it turns out that she had a folder with the same exact clippings!  Our appointment flew by, and when she was done- She turned me around to look in the mirror and I turned right back around and gave her a hug and said, "It's so light and natural and I still look like me!  I LOVE it!"  I was so glad that I found her and booked her immediately for my wedding.  Shenique did hair and makeup for my family and wedding party.  My mother, who is normally camera shy was definitely not camera shy after Shenique did her hair and makeup.  She told her sisters how beautiful she felt and insisted on having my cousins take her picture throughout the day.   There was a little bit of a language barrier between Shenique and my grandmother since my grandmother doesn't speak English very well.  However, Shenique was able to sense that my grandmother was a little troubled about something and pulled me over to translate.  Shenique was worried that the makeup was too much for my grandmother, but it turns out my 83 year old grandmother wanted more red lipstick.  Shenique was more than happy to apply some more fiery red lipstick on grandma.  Once done, Grandma looked in the mirror, smiled and gave Shenique a thumbs up.  Once it was my turn, and Shenique saw my wedding gown, and suggested that we do something different for my hair than what we initially did during my trial.  I will admit I was a little nervous at first, but I decided to go with her suggestion and I was glad that I did.  She has a great eye and was absolutely right- The side up-do was perfect.  I cannot recommend Shenique from Sheque Perfection enough.  She is both professional and personable.

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